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Star Wars Battlefront 2 Trailers vs Retail Xbox One X Graphics...

I'm still playing Star Wars Battlefront 2 on Xbox One X thanks to EA Access and following comparison video came to me as natural so if you're wondering how the game has change since its gameplay trailers then you might find this video helpful. Enjoy! Star Wars Battlefront 2 Trailer: This is Battlefront 2 Trailer: Music: Star Wars Theme cover by Łydka Grubasa. Make sure to visit their channel for more awesomeness: Battlefront Trailers Retail Graphics Comparison

Najlepsze komentarze:

Zuzente... What about in Endor because where shown in tráiler 1 or 2.
yved de... I think it's just HDR. Honestly, thats what's making the retail look so much better
yved de... It kinda looks better than the trailer. Am I tripping? Wtf
Mwalker... X gonna give it to ya
hvd iv... still pay to win and progression is tied to loot can still drop $100 and get green and blue cards before anyone to win.
ImVirux... The X looks better than the trailer...
Garbage... 1:19
Retail looks sharper and better
Gameswo... poland was a mistake
Stephen... Xbox 2018

Scalebound cancelled
Fable legends cancelled
Ion cancelled
Crackdown 3 meant to launch with xbox one x release .... delayed
Sea of thieves announced e3 2016 no release date.
Forza 7 bad rating loot boxes
Gears 4 not been a good one since nunber 2
Halo who cares about halo anymore online multiplayer is dead
Cuphead ign describes it as the best xbox news all year lol
So instead play old games that are enhanced.

Xbox one x a massive mistake.
Diogo R... OMG way better than trailer! xbox one x is a beast!
The Ara... Final code has less particles... at least on the Xbox. Hopefully the PC version isn't that.
Zach K... Same as NFS Payback, i like retail way more. Great job EA
Ricardo... Great! #brazil
Rexify ... Is it downgraded? A little bit yes. Is the game still good looking? Yup. Do we hate loot boxes? Yes sir.
Gern Ke... background track is LIT
Pedro G... Very Good!! @brazil
Guernic... It's kinda weird how they're clearly using the same assets, but they've decided to light & render things different. Some shots look better, while other shots look, sharper or over-lit, & rendered with a soft-focus shader or something.
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