Golden Retriever Puppies Funny Compilation #17 Best of 2017

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ivey iv... I wish everyone could have a puppy like these mostly me!
Donna M... I wish I had them all. I love Golden’s!?❤️
rennie ... Love the pup walking the human instead of human walking the pup.
Carinne... When I see these adorable & beautiful golden puppies @ the pet farms & stores in Singapore my heart will melt into a trillion pieces ????
Carinne... Golden puppies are very adorable, photogenic, intelligent & express themselves well, I have always wanted a golden retriever puppy in the first place ??
D Heyes... Oh those pudgy, soft polar bear like feet. You will melt every single time.
Fred Hi... Love every second with your dog. They will never come back, only memories of utter happiness.
Amita... The slow motion parts are both funny & cute at the same time. I always find myself chuckling at those parts. Love GR's they are the best breed in the world!! Statistically they are listed as the #1 breed to be the most friendliest and lovable dogs. Plus the faces on all Golden Retreiver's are now iconic thanks to the movie: "A Dog's Purpose"-a wonderful movie & a must see!!
aventur... Que bonito
Chiara ... I have a golden retriver ? he is my best friend
HD vide... I love golden retriever dog my favorite dog Breed and so cute ???????????????????????❤❤❤❤??????????
Evania ... ❤❤?????????????????????❤????????❤???????LOVEEEEE ?????cuteeeeeeee??????❤❤??
estela ... Aww I can't stand the cuteness
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