Divinity Original Sin 2 #3 Fort Joy

Divinity Original Sin 2 is a classic style RPG with tactical turn based combat. Developed by Larian Studios, first Divinity Original Sin game originally released in 2014, and D:OS2 released in September 2017. If you enjoyed the video, please leave a like!

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Dan Ram... was the game too long? you didnt even make it to the first mini boss.
Drizz17... This is awesome. hopefully we will see more!
flame s... well, is he abandoned this game so fast? He didn't even completed tutorial act1.
calient... Marbozir, when are you going to play Civilization 6 again? Though I love Divinity, this doesn't seem like your type of game.
Nik Sie... Dude, I love your videos and played this game a whole lot. I give you a few skill recommendations... Every one in your party needs a point in scoundrel to get the pawn talent and adrenaline. Believe me mobility is king in this game. Second your fighter and rouge should both have a point in polymorph to get chicken claw (maybe the best spell in the game) and invisibility. the rogue also needs points in warfare to get both stuns and because the damage from warfare is a multiplier. Its the best talent for physical damage. And for a tactical player like you, I recommend u play tactician, its so much more fun. Regards
jazy921... Marbs Sebille can eat the dismembered torso and other body parts you find, for story purposes and sometimes she learns new spells/skills
Correction: SOME body parts because you don't get benefit from eating intestines and you can't eat eyes, for example
Renato ... give lohse and sebille some warfare, warfare is so strong in this game
Jesse F... I like how you just casually stay in fire the entire fight. Quite an improvement from our XCOM 2 move out of fire days
Jesse F... really you missed... from point blank range with 95%.
I don't know about you guys, but that sounds familiar.
Jesse F... Ralvo talks like Marbs: We don't want that do we? No we don't.
poilboi... Let's get a cleric for healing and two of her starting skills are called Decaying Touch and Blood Sucker? And she has point in necromancer??? What the heck kind of healing is she supposed to do? Posthumous?
Ashley ... you also need to start having your elf eat limbs etc. they can give her skills and even healing skills.
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