Forza Motorsport 7 Xbox One S vs Xbox One X 1080p Graphics Comparison Make Your Life Greener

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AMIR HO... I love ❤️ my Xbox one s
Mr. Mix... You know a better way to test these racing games would be to just have a recording of each console playing back a replay.
Caleb J... the interiors in the one x are fully rendered as well as the defroster lines on the rear window. The One S interior is a LOD. The same is seen in Forza horizon 2 and 3. The interiors randomly load in full quality at times though, so it's not like it makes a difference in performance.
Alex LG... La diferencia es ridícula.
Geovany... No es una diferencia para quejarse lo unico es que en Xbox One X le han prestado atención a todo por ejemplo en el segundo 0:23 se ve que el espejo que esta dentro del auto para ver la parte trasera esta mejor hecho en X y en S esta todo cuadrado eso es lo unico de lo que me quejó.
WhiteRh... Wow, the Benz looked bad on both.
MATHEUS... not much difference
DC77 Ga... Where's the difference?
Andidas... I'll buy Xbox one s tommorow.. 1080p it's enough to me
stupest... I’ve never understood why people play these racing games with the camera view outside the car. Get inside the car for Pete’s sake !!
Capster... Just got my Xbox One X!
The Aus... It kinda makes me sad seeing not that much improvement with the One X, even though it's said to be '5 times more powerful' I'm pretty sure if I was sitting in front of the screen playing I wouldn't be thinking 'I wish I had the One X so I could see the slight shading improvements!' My view anyway...
Gabriel... The Xbox One S make a Upscalling + The new TVs 4k have Upscalling, too... The result is similar... More or less
Joel Wi... I find the One S better ?
HyPr El... 1:36 if you look closely xbox one x is missing some stuff that the xbox one s has ????
Edgars ... just imagine what Polyphony could done with GTS on Xbox One X hardware
bee Lov... X is a beast, I have one project Scorpio on a 4k tv.
KoolVin... This video should have been uploaded in 4K to show the real difference. At 1080P they will look very similar because of the drop in resolution.
Harriso... Why are people saying that it's the same thing when its not?
PianoPl... 500$ for this????
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