Gerard Deulofeu ● FC Barcelona 2017 2018 ● Skills/Goals & Assists || HD

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SportVi... What video should I do next???
??? ???... Wery nice player
TendaiI... music name?
MopHead... Fucking stupid barcelona.he is way better and passer than dembele.his pace Barcelona really needs now! Fucking stupid valverde
Eric Mi... I miss him :(
Just Do... He beter then dembele ..
Titus Y... Better than Dembele
Gio... Chi rivuole Deulofeu al Milan?
MueedKh... Lol from playing with messi to playing with troy deeney
minato ... He remembered me of Cristiano when he was young he is too fast but he doesn't make the good decision in the good time
Szakác... Wtf 2018??
salim b... i dont know why barcelona fans was: yes about when he leave the club but not me i like this football player
Jorge M... Welcome to Minervén (my FPL team)
???? ??... Everyone major club in EPL will soon be fighting over this guy .
Socrate... Wrong move to Watford, he could have returned back to AC Milan or move to Napoli.
Epic Ga... Welcome to Watford
dparra0... Delefou you idiot you left one of the best teams and you only spent couple months playing for Barca and you leave
Jatish ... 1:10 was his goal not messi
PSG AnG... Better than dembele