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Nhat Ho... Xbox one x graphics are better. I got an Xbox One X with this game.
Tim Dum... What's the difference?... Fanboys in here make me laugh.
WhoDare... The X easy. More power, more processing power and more ram.

Superior performance.
DnD... I’ve owned both consoles. The Xbox x and PS4. It’s impossible to not admit that the Xbox one x is superior in graphics performance. But other then gears of war, that’s all Xbox has to offer. For Xbox one x. You pay 500 bucks. You get better graphics. But in return, you have a shitty wireless adapter, so you lag like crazy. ( unless you run direct connection ). Sorry Xbox boys. PS4 still wins.
josh ca... Not a big difference and to say other wise is pure B.S.
All Chi... To be Honest the Xbox 1x is a powerful console in terms of Hardware specs. But is it that significantly different from the Playstaion 4 pro? considering is $100 USD more expensive. and i get to miss out on Sony Game exclusives such as Uncharted 4 ? and Numerous others. well no thanks Microsoft, nothing personal just not wort it.
Minato ... When you see it the both are great. Not big difference at all.
If 1:09 to 1:11 sun reflection on the rocks are not fucking important at all.. that's bulshitt. When you play the game that detail is not important for anybody of you.
T j... Better CLARITY on the xbox One X
Tashil ... If you remember that when the Xbox one and ps4 pro came out there was also not much a difference. Ps4 fanatics would say ah there is more texture here and there and shadows are better here and there so ps4 is better than the Xbox one .. Listen here sony faggots stop being a hypocrite. The same is being done here. It's a matter of how game developers want to utilize the power of the scorpio. In any case I have both. And the UI of the Xbox is way more smoother. Way more friendly and oh way more comfortable to use in terms of online social gaming. Both are good but game Developers are going to take it a step further with the one x until the ps5 which I will also get.
Tashil ... If you want to see a difference.. Look at the background.. More attention to detail
Mark Pe... Also big shocker did you all know that most gamers go back to games that are older like a lot of Xbox uses always go back to bloody halo pc users goto overwatch wow and half life also portal and the most overplayed game is mostly pub g but gamers are staying on the old games also the last of us is a constant game people play on PlayStation so the pro would run the games fine and Xbox one x is also fine why can’t people just like both bloody consoles -_- because we are all going back to old games !!!!!!!!!
Mark Pe... Well I would say no one has won PS4 pro slight haze but the x just added a bloody light onto the texture it’s not a massive step guys come on!
Dirk Sp... Xbox one x is better. Native 4k on Xbox one x VS upscaled 2k to 4k on PS4 pro. Better anti-aliasing, better viewing distances, higher framerates, sleeker design, better controller and a better user interface. Clear difference.
Kyle Mo... Should have recorded at 60fps instead of 30
Dennis ... Seems ps4 fanboys hate it that the boot is on the other foot after running down the Xbox 1 graphics, they now hate how Xbox fanboys are now saying how inferior the ps pro graphics are.

Funny how graphics mattered when comparing ps4 to Xbox 1.

This video shows how much clearer the graphics are in the xbox x. Even i can see much better detail on the scenery and not a fanboy but enjoy both.
Carfill... PS4 fans (myself included) no difference
Xbox fans, the diff is night and day
I guess the real question is, do 60+ million of us need our eyes tested of just the few thousand who purchased the 1X?!!!
Demir W... Xix fans be like for the same thing I will pay more ps4 fans be like same graphics stupid PC be like I'm god and PS is better
DC77 Ga... Where's the difference?
RevHans... Xbox is such a boring dont have Uncharted, Last Of Us, Days Gone, Driveclub, God Of War more best game
tayton ... The background is where the difference is
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