XCOM 2 War of the Chosen #26 Modded Legend Moon Wheel Rossali

Film osadzony źródło: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W9UBmJR9tPg

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TheGrea... I like how they say eastern us when it's clearly in Canada
Butters... On the mimic beacon why'd you throw it at the enemies? Since they are focused solely on it you can throw it behind you and force them to dash right next to all your guys so the next turn you have a bunch of easy shots.
M. Koch... You keep getting foiled by the rocket laucher‘s aim.
You can try to raise the aim to get it over half cover obstacles.
Not sure if you can aim it at Archons doing pinions high up, though
Leslie ... Really good work, making real progress.
Ed Hart... If you make a third spark call him 'Death Bringer Maximus'. Color him black with a splash of red and give him a German warrior voice. Having more contrasts between the sparks would be nice.
Tim Kai... You should really upgrade the sniper pistol, it makes lightning hands a lot more useful
SuperKa... Mimic beacon mvp, man I love that item. SO many campaigns saved by it.
Alexand... Love the dirty Harry reference on the hunter. That's fantastic.
Kefkaow... It's Widowmaker
BadgerW... With the title, I expected a bit more cheese in this mission.
nickola... I'm inclined to think that once you get a heavy weapon that ignores armor, it's better to put it on the SPARK than on a soldier. The fact that the rocket gets blocked on any random thing on the ground really hurts its utility.
Metatar... Skirmisher with Superior Stock and improved weapon upgrades is pretty good. Reliable damage to finish off enemies with high evasion or in cover.
Donovan... I think the mods are messing with the spark rocket launcher, it works perfectly on the regular game
Jesse F... So... half your squad have shredder now?
Gajdàn... Hi Marbs, if you build a 3rd Mac please name it Mr. McSpanky with the skull face it will be hilarious :)
Jesse F... If you get a third Spark, let's name him Wall- E?
Jesse F... I must have missed something... At 4/4 regions, you already have plasma weapons.... I guess I am too used to the progress in vanilla XCOM 2
stars n... getting the hunter chosen is always a double edged sword of 'you talk too much like ur siblings' and 'ur speeches are usually actually bearable' fwkajhfkjaw
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