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Gran Turismo 6 vs Gran Turismo Sport Ferrari Enzo at Willow...

Car, Track, Graphics, Sound, Physics Comparison Gran Turismo 6 Exposure: Cockpit: +0.7 Chase Cam: +0.2 Time 17:30 Gran Turismo Sport played on standard PlayStation 4. MotoGamesTVTurismo Turismo Sport Ferrari Willow Springs

Najlepsze komentarze:

Kirk hands down
???????...Gt6's sounds are like gta's
Gnarrkh...So after 6 games, they finally figured out motor sounds.
Bruce W...nothing is better than forza horizon 3 god that sound on GTS, so beautiful
Zodiark...Willow looks amazing on GT6,asphalt looks like real one...much better than on GTS...if only they would change it back
Audi A7...When there is almost no differences between 2006 & 2016 consoles... Get Forza Horizon 3.
Socky N...Funny, in GT5 the standard model Enzo sounded like an Enzo. But the premium model sounded like a 458.
Krisz /...Rengeteg a grafikai különbség?
Felipe ...gt6 sounds like a speaker in a pvc tube lol
Mati Bl...Engine sound - GT Sport
Noel Ro...Drop a like if you think the sound of the tires screeching is too loud and annoying
Noel Ro...Happy New Year 2018
Fardhan...GT 6 vs GT 6.1
Imanol ...GT Sport has many improvements in terms of effects and lighting, but GT6 continues to have incredible graphics considering that it is from PS3.
Mustafa...Both games are great
ganesan...Thank god..they fixed the chase cam in GT Sport. Not the stuck to the ass cam in GT6.
Jerry J...Desert looks dryer in GTSport. Proof climate change is real.
Has Rosie O'Dumbass seen this?
Hitmani...interior looks nice in gt6
AndreVD...track surface texture has more detail to it in GT6. surprised to see that. otherwise of course its a night and day difference in every other aspect.
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