Q&A #5 ENG Do All Cars Look The Same?

In this Q&A: are small cars for girls only? are EVs a viable option? do all premium cars look the same? Help me make better reviews by donating: Follow me at: facebook.com/marekdrives @mwieruszewski plus.google.com/+GarazOtwarty/ instagram.com/marek_drives #MarekDrivesQ&A Same?

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Ostap19... So what about top gear/grand tour? :)
HyBy... Hey Marek, happy holidays! Which car(s) that you reviewed this year is(are) the best and by best i mean the one you said to yourself "i should totally get one". Which one left you dissappointed (showed great promise but underdelivered), which one was the "best bang for the buck" and why. Thanks in advance, keep them coming.
Enot Ra... too short Marek , but thank you anyway.
Thank you.
kevin n... Happy new year Marek!  No wife, No kids and no 3 row SUV?  Or was that a no to the 3 row SUV? ;)
kevin n... Could you test drive a Jaguar E pace and Volvo XC60 T8?
Auto Wi... Hi Marek! Happy Holidays to you! I would like to know your opinion in regards to Ford Tourneo Connect as I am looking to buy 7 seater in the UK and it is currently the cheapest option compared to different makes available until hopefully Mazda CX9 is introduced in Europe as I aim to get it but I need alternative until this day.
Peter B... Do you prefer a spare wheel instead of a tyre repair kit? I would not consider buying a new car without at least a space saver spare wheel
Juan Ca... dont you dare make these bi-weekly!!
Arto Ki... I understand the current situation in Poland is not electric car friendly, but given you are in the blogging business, you should be able to have an view of the future too. In 10 years the situation will be completely different. Poles will have access to cheap used electric cars from Germany, and most of them can charge at home. In some markets the electrification will happen much faster - in next 5 years. And the rest of the cars will be gasoline hybrids. Bitching about the state of current plugin hybrid cars does not sound too cool. And EVERYONE, even the manufacturers know about the NEDC electric test range being a non-truth. Nobody, not even an imbecil actually believes those figures. You should stop acting like you assume the figures to be truths. I like your reviews, but for this I drop my subscription for now, returning when you next review an electric car.
Godo Ro... Good one Marek! Hope to see soon 100k subscribers! Interesting as usual!
wtomula... Love your videos. I'm about to buy/lease 2018 Subaru Impreza and would like to see your review. Any chance for a test in the nearest future? Thanks in advance. Keep doing the great job you do.
G... Do All Cars Look The Same? i think so, if you refer to golf 1 to golf 14 and from carrera 1964 to carrera 2023...
Peter P... Hi Marek. Great points about electric cars. Just too much compromise at the moment... But why are manufacturers still allowed to get away with misleading/unrealistic range claims, particularly post "dieselgate"? Also what's your thoughts on other alternative green fuels like hydrogen or LPG? Particularly for hydrogen, it seems like the best best deal for driving experience, range, and convenience (assuming there's fueling infrastructure), curious to know your thoughts on why it never took off? Thanks!
Ram?nas... About the electric car ranges, blame the NEDC. They do total hypermiling on their tests, which are achievable only by sunday church attending grannies. EPA ranges are almost like real life ranges.
RHCPfle... Many manufacturers seem to pay more attention to automatic transmission and diesel engines. I understand that autos are better for the autonomous driving cars (lets face it they are heading that way) and diesels are more economical but what about the former petrolhead family guy. Are we heading to the end of manual transmission? Do you see a future where we will seek driving pleasure in only pure sports cars that most of us can not afford? And isn't it funny how the americans install a manual trans in the corvette while the europeans and japanese offer their sports cars only with automatics?
Vadym P... Hello Marek and Seasonal Greetings! Ukraine watching You :) Just about cars preferences in Ukraine as You mentioned car preferences of East Europeans. With average wages abt 100 US Dollars, not EURO (per months) , we still having the cars :).... For sure those minorities who have good income - preferences is style and fashion, no technical aspects taken into consideration.... For majority of 'ordinary' peps, price is a limit. Unfortunately here no chances for cheap second hand from Europe, thus cheap new cars like ZAZ , Ravon, etc and reasonable priced card like Logan.... As we have no roads, but directions only better if it crossover with high ground clearance....Diesels getting more and more attention, but gasoline still sold more.... And as it still bloody Soviet Era mentality sedans today still get more byers than hatches and wagons....stupid when peps think that Rensult Logan sedan more prestigious than Renauld Sandero hatchback, but peps think like that in majority..... And Second question is it Q&A in Polish and English are the same? I'm not speak Polish, but seems it's different Q&A ?
Laith K... Hey Marek ? Thanks for picking my question (and mis-spelling my name : its pronounced Lai - th)
BUT you missed the point of my question : what I meant is if you agree that the BMW 5-series f10 (2010-2016) for example looks better than the newer G30 (2017), same goes for the older E-class (w212) compared to the newer (w213)?
André ... Hello Marek! Here are 2 questions for you: 1) Which is your favourite for winning car of the year? (https://www.caroftheyear.org/winners/2018/nominees.php) and what are the most anticipated models to be presented in 2018 in your opinion?
Sebbuz1... Hi Marek! Thanks for all your nice videos! I was wondering...what about reliability? You could do some videos about that. Like you could review some reliability data about the most commonly used cars.
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