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FINAL MISSION PART 1 XCOM 2 WotC #72 Modded Legend Gameplay

Let's Play some more XCOM 2 War of the Chosen! This is my second XCOM 2 War of the Chosen campaign, started just after fall 2017 update. Playing modded legend, the mod list includes A Better Advent and Metal Over Flesh mods (full list of mods below). If you enjoyed the video, please leave a like! FINAL MISSION Modded Legend Gameplay

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OldDood... Very Cool...Thanks!
(I was worried about Loc just a tinny bit. )
Nutroll... What's a Prime enemy?
Rock-n-... Those sectopods showed up early.
o0aless... Technically, your countdown to mind control end is your mind control cooldown.
MajorHi... Did Long War change for WotC, because Primes most certainly do not get 1 action/overwatch or Chain Shot hit in XCOM2.
Justin ... Question: So you know how when the Gatekeeper dies and blows up, the Player's UI go a bit static-ky, does that mean that we are looking through an actual camera or drone and that the drone is somehow able to freely fly around the map? Does that even make any sense?
Justin ... Hey Marbz, I know this isn't related or whatever but what about for your next Civ 5 playthrough, you use Vox Populi and play as the US on a small map with plenty of other players. I kinda want to see its land tile ability which is that you can buy tiles from other civs.
jamesp5... ah yea, the Sectopod mom, walking her baby..
Andrei ... In case you didn't realize yet, Marbs, final room transition only happens when you take out all the enemies outside the final room. You could move up to the door and still not trigger it.

More importantly, if, in a future campaign, you will bring a PsiOp in the final mission, do not use Domination before the final room. Otherwise you will lose your dominated alien when you move to the final room. Very annoying stuff that.
stars n... time for the fireworks! >:3
German ... OMFG, first the heavy lancer convention, now (17:02) is codex city plus two arcons, the RNGODS are not with you.
German ... what the hell, those were 4 heavy lancers on 1 pod?, were they on coffe break or somthing? (14:33)
Jay Ice... the continental bonus is so strong ryan has 4 free reload shots xd
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