Fair Play Dance Camp OFFICIAL ciekawostki

Fair Play Dance Camp OFFICIAL ciekawostki

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Brian Puspos ▶︎ Fair Play Dance Camp SHOWCASE 2017

Fair Play Dance Camp SHOWCASE is the main event of the festival. This evening, at one place, on one stage, the best dancers from all over the world perform in front of hundreds of people. This is definitely an unforgettable experience full of top performers, one of a kind show with the atmosphere in the audience which is absolutely incredible. Fair Play Dance Camp It's the event you want to join, when you are ready to learn from the best choreographers in the world and when you understand that dance workshops can be a breakthrough experience for your passion and stage career. We are #readyformore International dance events in Poland calendar 2018: ▶︎ WORD OF DANCE Warsaw, 28th April, ▶︎ FAIR PLAY SUMMIT Warsaw, 29 30 April, ▶︎ FAIR PLAY DANCE CAMP Cracow, 4 14 August, FOLLOW FAIR PLAY SUMMIT HERE ON WWW: World Dance Convention FOLLOW FAIR PLAY DANCE CAMP HERE ON WWW: The biggest educational dance festival in Europe. FOLLOW FAIR PLAY DANCE CAMP HERE ON YOUTUBE: FOLLOW FAIR PLAY DANCE CAMP HERE ON FACEBOOK: EVERYTHING ABOUT WORLD OF DANCE HERE: Line Up of Fair Play Dance Camp summer 2017: ★ Matt Steffanina [ USA ] ★ Salah [ France ] ★ Rie Hata [ Japan ] ★ Willdabeast [ USA ] ★ Ian Eastwood [ USA ] ★ Jojo Gomez [ USA ] ★ Lyle Beniga [ USA ] ★ Paradox [ Netherlands ] ★ Dytto [ USA ] ★ Robert Green [ USA ] ★ Kaelynn Harris [ USA ] ★ Tony Tzar [ USA ] ★ Keone Madrid [ USA ] ★ Mari Madrid [ USA ] ★ Henry Link [ USA ] ★ Duc Anh Tran [ Hungary ] ★ Josh Williams [ USA ] ★ Laure Courtellemont [ France / USA ] ★ Antoine Troupe [ USA ] ★ Ysabelle Capitule [ USA ] ★ Lando Wilkins [ USA ] ★ Kapela Marna [ France ] ★ Kenzo Alvares [ Netherlands ] ★ Brian Puspos [ USA ] The only opportunity to learn dance from all these INCREDIBLE TEACHERS! Experience the atmosphere and power of THE BIGGEST EDUCATIONAL DANCE FESTIVAL in Europe. ▶︎ scholarships for dance education in Los Angeles ▶︎ 1000 dancers from all over the world, ▶︎ 10 intense days of dancing, development, motivation and entertainment ▶︎ 86 hours of workshops and training sessions at two dance halls ▶︎ 25 best teachers sharing their skills, knowledge and stories of their success ▶︎ 10 epic events and parties (FPDC Showcase, Killer of Classes, Dance Battle to the Beatbox, All styles battle and many more) ▶︎ MASTERCLASS workshops series, Fair Play Academy: THE BOOST sessions, STREET SESSIONS and other ▶︎ various types of classes: choreography, house, hip hop, ragga jam, locking, popping, physical training ▶︎ convenient location in Cracow beautiful, historic city DAY & NIGHT ACTIVITIES, ACCOMMODATION AND FOOD ALL IN ONE PLACE! PRICES AND REGISTRATION: www.fpdancecamp.com #fairplaydancecamp #goodvibesonly #readyformore #kraków #poland _ Edited by: Borys Dubiański Camera: Michał Wilk (Evil Wolf Studio) Music: Brian PusposBrian Puspos ▶︎ Dance SHOWCASE

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Javitto... Thank you brian for your words
john mo... i love brian puspos <3
Sukhwin... brian is so cool
The Gru... That walk off, though. Hahaha!
piscean... I like his singing!
Hipster... "How can you be yourself if you don't know yourself?" I'll always remember that quote from sir. Brian Puspos
Brian P... So much fun! Love you guys.
Streets... Nice choreo:)
Nadia J... I love Brian? and August Rigo's voice perfectly fits the song
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