Best of Wood Division 2017 part 1

Send me your League of Legends replays (rofl files, not recorded) to: Twitter: League of Legends is a game i guess.Division

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Kshaway... Like every year i was looking at the comments and rewatching every video from 2017. It was a strange experience.
Have a happy new year guys !
Doc_N-G... song 4:45 ?
DarkYas... Das ist einfach zu viel da könnte man weinen
Adriano... this was super funny, thanks for making this! subscribed :)
Just Jo... 5:14 WHY u hit to jng plant OOOF
AnimeDu... 30:34 he is dead
David p... 3:30 LMAO!!!
S?.... just ''xDDDDDDDDDD''
Sebasti... 5:26 song name pls ?
want to listen it full :D
Kamikaz... Lmfao .. dam they really sucks so hard
.. im dying ??
Carlos ... 3:35 god teemo
Chris... goodness this is a cure for depression. Ive watched both
Nuri G... someone can tell me what is that song on 14:38
Sans Te... 12:29 Anyone know the song?
Samo Gl... My only question is
Who the fck invades shaco
rat... The Zed was fucking hilarious
Justin ... Thankfully, I haven't appeared in any of his videos
Mohamme... AM DEAD i cant even breathe , also the sound effects in the video is just funny af
im Gone... i was in broze 5 at one point and i know for a fact i was not as bad as these guys
Vicrust... LoL I was the Sneaky Donald from the second clip xDDD
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