JAX Q HITTING HIMSELF?! Gamebreaking Jax Bug Vandiril

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nakeyf... Jax is taking fall damage

Thanks for nerf
Mash St... Jax is confused
It hurt itself in its confusion
Alex 23... Nice jax nerf
Crimina... Looks like a new Mundo a new prey for Evelynn
Harem G... I fcking lost laning phase cuz of this bug, against fiora. Stupid bug repair team
541 meg... Does his q proc scorch and electrocute on himself too? And conq true damage?
The War... Jax is finally balanced
Miku Ch... Now do this to every ADC in the game
ZedProX... That sucks if it came out in live server
Miku Ch... They just have 5 thornmails
OneMagm... We've been waiting for these nerfs for so long... Now let's see we have aatrox, irelia, yasuo, zoe, singed, tryndamere to have the same nerfs ☺
ISHAQUE... Ohh thats why Hashinshin inted on Jax..he just killed himself ?
f1r3 hu... Finally Riot! Thanks for the Jax nerf
Jagatai... They added fall damage for jax
Killer ... The best way to feed then.....
Anna Ma... Hashinshin is not feeding he's just killing himself again and again
Phoenix... And he doesn't even kill himself with it? Now I just want to see the code behind this mess o_ô
Zy? Bé... I hate Jax but now I just pity him.
Mario B... Finally he got balanced
#Legion... Cool stuff rito games
Ice... Imagine he had a real weapon
RVPairo... How does Riot even make these kind of bugs surface after just updating patches if champs that didn't have the bugs in the first place and skins?
A Vsauc... Give him a real weapon
Doomir ... Hmmmmm at least it's only in pve server
Viket... 0:17 hey hey wait let me try something dont attack me
kayn: K

Min Wun... When your team told you to kys
Lethal ... He visited Ionia and learned senfuku i thnk
Grucket... They finally balanced Jax
sandsto... The real meaning of "kys".
maGGma... It's not a bug. It's just that Jax suffers from arthritis
Sp5it... Jax jumps with his weapon
Dragon ready to fight
Toxicit... Grandmaster with no arms.
Biomash... He belong in a rework
????... q:spend HP,MP and leap to object
Nguyen ... Trust nobody, not even yourself
KotWCza... maybe they are going to make jax into aatrox, when his q/e was costig 10/5% of hp?
Heaxo... When yi say "my blade is yours"
Nexus F... This is how Rito will nerf Jax B).... he damn op in urf
Timberl... Lately, League has been breaking more often than usual.
Kyle X2... Now that's a counter strike
SKT T1 ... Riot trolling
Anythin... NO NUT NOVEMBER'S Despair Bell Starts to Ring
christe... Imagine if he had a real weapon tho
stupid ... Typical PBE
10vanjo... The new Jax rework Q cost HP
Anticli... Was this bug before?? I think happened something like that long time ago
TeemoWa... Stop hitting yourself. Why are you hitting yourself?
Mikuzra... That‘s how my top managed to get 0/6 in 8min
Remove ... this is the new meta
Martian... Why you hittin yourself? Why you hittin yourself?
LordNGG... Jax killing himself because the game is ** he realise it already really??!!.... about time..
Aeon Sh... Not playing spiderman 2 pizza theme. I'm sad.
Profess... League of Suicide Ft. Jax
Wister ... Self Inflecting Wound
Rodrigo... Jax is confused...
Chriser... finally his obnoxius gapclosing has an actual downside instead of 3 sec cd
foocast... About time they nerfed this abomination.
Draeko ... I really like this New change for jax, finally a good nerf
WhoDis... I like this change
Tristan... Don't you see the hidden rammus making him kill himself.
Kryttz ... This video made me remember how old is jax's skills icon, they need to rework that
Kirby t... He deserves it
IAmAShm... Would it kill you with press the attack?
Burgher... GJ Riot... Good fu...ing Job.
Riptide... Bro when did everyone get a free thormail
Luis Me... I actually think he is balanced now
wvgAm3C... I assume this bug was only for using q on anything that's not an ally(allied champs, minions, and wards)?
Hans Ri... Jax is so strong no one can beat him so he beats himself instead.

A true Grandmaster
takumi ... Does it have more damage if he has on with 2nd??
Camilo ... What if you use Death's dance? You have to die, I think so.
Claudio... This is the second jax bug that makes him hit himself... Give me a break geesh!
Issac T... it seems that it is treating jax q as soemthing like a mundo q that always misses. considering it dmg himself like mundo q cost but cannot acually kill jax, like any hp costing ability would never kill you
he kirb... But does it go...

Clint O... Still not even close to being balanced
jihwan ... Now hes balanced
Enz Pog... Rito making sure your weekly Vandiril cravings is satisfied.
Wáng... Now the line "imagine if I had a real weapon" is getting a whole new maning to it.
James F... Wtf how does that even happen
seph ro... Someone tell this dude turn off friendly fire
Warau... Stop hitting yourself
Giulio ... At least he can't suicide xD
Dranium... When i looked on the map i thought "why are u playing monster hunter? - oh, these are the new towers"
Crib O... Damn scuttler hurts like a mfkr
Manamun... Gotta love riot
Joross ... Well I'm not playing jax on my series in my main because it might end up losing my game and it would suck really bad.
Nuggeth... Enimes showing jax how counterstrike really feels
diokos ... Rito a small indie company
Brendan... Pretty sure Jax hurts himself when he leaps at you so he can give you a chance of winning
Unique ... Jax is just beating his own meat ;)
Just a ... After i saw this video, i played against a Jax Top. He was normal.
annie,v... and just as i played with jax in ranked
I am Yo... Jax trolling report him
hillbil... Everytime he land he break his ankles.
0Robinh... Why are you hitting yourself?
Why are you hitting yourself? Why are you hitting yourself? Why are you hitting yourself? Why are you hitting yourself?

I challenge someone to do that for every time jax is hitting himself. ?
Have fun and a great day.
Julious... It's not à bug it's just a future nerf (deserved)
Sharqo ... Do not tell me that ma eggplant googly boi is going to be disabled ?
Sodium ... His leg got broken and yet you letting him to force jump that's why hes taking damage
Joshua ... Damn ! Now i know why i have loose my last game with jax ?
Joshua ... True definition of why are you hitting yourself?
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