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That Gu... The chick who said "Oh f%$#k off" is just a nasty chick. She's the kind of girl who thinks that holding a glass of champagne in her hand makes her classy but ends up drinking from the bottle. How about you F&%# off.
Halogen... Lethbridge-Stewart, Captain Archibald Hamish Lethbridge-Stewart. Lethbridge-Stewart, Captain Archibald Hamish Lethbridge-Stewart. Lethbridge-Stewart, Captain Archibald Hamish Lethbridge-Stewart.
MC2 squ... Im a die hard doctor who fan im a sophmore in highschool and have been watching since 5th grade. But am i stupid, i don’t understand how Lethbridge Stewart fits in and how emotional it is. Can someone explain how lift bridge Stewart it’s in please I don’t fully know.
User-Za... after all the Doctor's regeneration's one day the doctor will remember not to do it in the tardis, as that seems to end badly for him/her?
Quiet D... I enjoy practically all the reactions apart from her from 6:01 god I hate her
jordan ... It seems the doctor activated fucking HADS again
CoolBea... 6:06 that guy tho
????? ?... Woman drivers:
Man piloted the tardis for several hundreds of years — still good as new.
Woman has been there for a minute — blew up the Tardis.
IAmKrow... I never thought that "Lethbridge-Stewart" could hypnotize me
Lahey3... What is the name of those polish people ?
Lya B.S... He is also professor Lazarus, from "The Lazarus experiment" guy, the one who was going to "change what it means to be human".
TimeFor... This would of been such a great ending if Jodie was not announced.
Atrocit... The final reaction to the cliffhanger.

"...what the fuck just happened up there??!"
gohanmo... 4:14 Hater detected
heyward... Why is everyone shocked at the tardis reaction? The tardis has in the past ejected all the old doctors things to make way for the new doctor. Ok and one more thing. Guys man up and stop your crying. I’m a guy and have been watching the doctor since the Great Tom Baker but crying over a new doctor taking over?
hennerz... Lethbridge-Stewart. Captain Archibald Hamish Lethbridge-Stewart.
MarkRea... Hey Adik...I love your videos! Just want to give you permission to use any of my reactions ? Please feel free to check them out if you wish ?
Robert ... No reaction to Rusty? I'm in tears.
WhitePa... Sorry this is dumb question but im new to Doctor Who, why did almost everyone excited over the Captain's name reveal?

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