Project Brutality 3.0 07/01/2018 NEW Test with Starter Pack Martinoz

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Martino... Project Brutality 3.0 is the incoming version of one of the best mods for the classic Doom titles, featuring a lot of new things and making some balance changes since 2.03 version.

Project Brutality 3.0 introduces a lot new things since the last OFFICIAL public release (2.03 back in the January/February 2016). One of the first things you will clearly notice just at start of the playing is the performance. It's incredibly increased performance, there aren't so much stalls for me as before. There is also a new sprite for M2 Plasma Rifle and you will really love this weapon. A lot of particle effects like fe. plasma rifle projectiles have been changed to boost the performance. There is also a new upgrade for the basic DMR - The underbarrel Grenade Launcher. The upgraded LMG also has a secondary fire mode where you can use the belt instead of a drum. There is a new Revenant variant for the player to find. There is also a very small and a nice change when you look at the ground, you can see your own legs and feet :D. The mappack in the video is of course the good and old one Starter Pack. Why the old one you might ask, just to avoid random crashing :P. Decided to start from the second episode because the weapons will be from the higher tier. Same goes to the monsters, I didn't want to play again with the basic low tier monsters from the scratch.

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jonez... How did you get that mappack working with project brutality?
Stefano... what version of gzdoom ?
Seraphi... holy fuck ive missed out on alot
adam99x... Love the song choice in the level. I thought that sounded like a familiar tune :D
Gabriel... Someone should make a mod where when doomguy interacts with something like doors and buttons it makes a oof sound instead of unf
Munitia... How do you get your doomguy to be blue? Mine is always green no matter what I try.
LinearS... Is there an hint as to when this is going to officially drop?... I've been following it quite a while now... maybe someone has some inside knowledge...
????? ?... Dude, can you tell me how to do that movement wiggling?
Paul T... So does this version of PB update to the latest Brutal Doom (v21) in terms of blood options, the new weapons (axe, etc), skulltag weapon support, and a few other nice things? I really like that stuff and I sort of miss it.

The Axe would make sense as the starter melee weapon at higher tiers, since it is more powerful than the fist but less so than the chainsaw.
Also, Brutal Doom's "Tactical Mode" with slower movement but the ability to sprint would be really fantastic!

Also the MAP ENHANCEMENT SCRIPT is AMAZING! I definitely think it would make a good addition to the mod. I understand waiting for BD21 to come out of beta first thogh
Zazuzi ... Is this standalone? I get errors when I try to combine it with brutal doom, like, do you need brutal doom to play this?
BBW Fin... Script error, "Project Brutality 3.0 Test 1-7-18.pk3:decorate/weapons/slot1/melee.dec" line 246:

Sprite names must be exactly 4 characters

how do i fix this?
Luis Pe... It won't work for me can anyone help?
Paul Fr... Did anyone else want to hit the space bar at the end? I hate the count up after a level. Next time flash the map up on the screen a few times so we can see the level. I hope this version works with Knee Deep in ZDoom. 2.03 doesn't. I even tried it with the PB_Patch_KDiZD.pk3
Overlor... How did you get this to work? I keep trying to do it and it keeps coming up an error as "Pallette not found" on ZDL
Artyom ... I love how the "drop charge" mode of the excavator makes it one of the best weapons to use in the game period. Kills pretty much anything below the Belphegor in one shot if close to the ground zero explosion. Also lots of fun to use in fortress like maps, shooting through the windows and watching guts fly out as your reward hehe..

Railgun is now devalued though, anything it does, the excavator does better.
The Doc... How do you put this into the Hell on Earth Starter Pack?
Gore4ev... How do you get PB to work with Extermination day. I downloaded off the patreon but when I move them both into gzdoom it just has a black screen when I start a new game.
Jesse R... How do I accelerate OpenGL for the hardware version (I think)it used to work fine on my hd3000 you know what could have happened?
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