XCOM 2 Tactical Legacy Pack The Lazarus Project Mission 6 of 7 Rossali

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German ... so did he see the shadow step on bradford?
Sraye... So basically Tygen's lab is the same lab as Peter's dad from the Amazing Spiderman 2
AztecSc... Really looking forward to seeing you play the last mission. I played this last op on Story difficulty as I was eager to start a new campaign and just wanted to blow straight through it to get the attitude unlock. I don’t even remember there being a timer on story mode.
KrazyHa... Close one hot damn!
Ravi So... I also had the bug where Osei only gets frag grenades which is stupid. I don't know how firaxis managed to screw up like that.
DerAva... Well, at least you did notice the timer right away. Imagine not paying attention to it until the last turn and then being one tile short - that would be awkward...
Dinner-... The ending to that was pretty rough. Good job negotiation the siege those ADVENT put you in.

Also you may be a bit too used to the easy life if you thought Ramirez had the Darklance, lol. The game is not so nice as to give you a Chosen weapon before the final mission... in fact, since you have to pay for it by fighting three Avatars, likely at the same time too, it may not be nice at all! :P
Rohan B... It's an average gameplay.. This guy needs to think about the followups before he actually triggers the pods.
Just saying 'I have a mimic beacon' doesn't cut it..
And "I thought she had a darklance from the previous campaign" .. ?? C'mon dude.
Skylar ... Holy crap, that was real dicey at the end. And to only get Osei injured should be quite the testimony to your skill!
Also, double execution at the end thanks to the repeater... I guess it makes up for the 80% misses.
Emil S... Only one more left until the glorious finale
stars n... 'it's not like we can trigger any more pods right?'
xcom: ':)'
Anon Vi... 11:00 Dr. Marbs Tygan.
38:10 Ana activates her Dead Eye mode.
52:38 Now what could that be?
OldDood... Annihilate will come in REAL handy on your last mission Marbozir!
Þórar... I'm really curious. What is your reasoning behind never going up front with your melee characters, rangers and the templar? I'm asking because of the fact that flanked enemies always run away, so all these guys get a free attack which can be used to kill them if you didn't initially on your turn. I get it that these opportunist attack can fail but that they can is that the only reason you don't do this? Would like to know what you think.
Randy H... didn't bradford have shadowstep
T Marki... You had a wraith suit, you might have found cover walking thru wall.
John No... 'Tygan, don't do anything crazy' as he bursts through a window beside a usable door.
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