Bouboo | Fair Play Dance Camp SHOWCASE 2018

Fair Play Dance Camp The biggest educational dance festival in Europe. Its the event you want to join, when you are ready to learn from the best choreographers in the world and when you understand that dance workshops can be a breakthrough experience for your passion and stage career. We are #readyformore FOLLOW FAIR PLAY DANCE CAMP HERE ON WWW: FAIR PLAY DANCE CAMP 2018 TEACHERS LINE UP: *CJ SALVADOR (USA) * IAN EASTWOOD (USA) * NIKA KLJUN (USA/SLOVENIA) * IBUKI IMATA (JAPAN) * KEVIN PARADOX (NETHERLANDS) * SALAH (FRANCE) * BRIAN PUSPOS (USA) * BAM MARTIN (USA) * SHAUN EVARISTO (USA) * MANIEK KOTARSKI (POLAND) * KENZO ALVARES (NETHERLANDS) * TONY TZAR (USA) * KARON LYNN (USA) * DUC ANH TRAN (HUNGARY) * HURRIKANE (USA) * BOY MIJO (FRANCE) * KAPELA MARNA (FRANCE) * MR WIGGLES (USA) * BOUBOO (FRANCE) * LYLE BENIGA (USA) * YSABELLE CAPITULE (USA) * LANDO WILKINS (USA) * J.K. SANCHEZ (CZECH REPUBLIC) * MALKOM (FRANCE) *SEAN LEW(USA) *SCOTT FORSYTH(CANADA) *ZACC MILNE(IRELAND) *DYLAN MAYORAL(UK) *MELVIN TIMTIM(USA) *PHIL WRIGHT(USA) _ Edited by: Borys Dubiański Camera: Michał Wilk (Evil Wolf Studio) Grzegorz Gross Borys Dubiański Stage visuals Adam Nyk (ICONYK) Music: Grandtheft & Delaney Jane Easy Go (Pham Remix)Bouboo Dance SHOWCASE

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Micha? ... Incredible skills but the recording is awful, nothing can be seen because of his black tshirt, dark skin and black background. I have no idea how to change it but it's a must to.
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