Battlefield V PC RTX 2080Ti vs Xbox One X Graphics Comparison

And now something special. Thanks to help of my friend Jabcook and EA Game Changers Program I was able to prepare for you an early comparison of Battlefield V running on Xbox One X and PC powered by GeForce RTX 2080Ti. Saddly Ray Tracing technology was not implemented to the gme at launch however we can observe how the game looks running at highest possible settings on currently strongest graphics card availabe for consumers. So without further ado lets check how the game differs on both platforms. Stay tuned for next comparison of the game with Ray Tracing enabled :) Music: A Tale of Vengeance by Aakash GandhiBattlefield 2080Ti Graphics Comparison

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Chamuth... doesn't make a much difference. One X is lower in price thats all
jose ca... No diference
Tadashi... Console gamers with potato PC always say their console graphic is better. Lol. Blind or Bias. High tech companies don't produce stupid things, and people don't spend stupid money.
PsychoU... One X- Best. 2080ti- huang shit!
?????? ... ONE X WINS ???
MYASNIK... Разницы 0
AnalogF... Ray-tracing wasn't enabled.
Tanzeel... pc look stunning no doubt rtx best technology for gaming.
Haris D... Wow x still better..
The Mas... One X is darker
Total f... Is it Xbox one x enhanced at this time?
samsak ... The new 2080ti that costs more than twice as much as the x alone not even including the total price and if this is the catch this card is a gimmick. Pc is nothing but a 3rd party software where people with different configurations run it as wish. No optimization from the developers. Pcs dont have rdr2 as of now as well. No one gives a shit to this 3rd party platform
Jay Bla... Downgrade.
Alexei ... $500 Xbox one X vs $2000 PC. I think the xbox X is better in relation to the price.
Blackst... what??????
MR dj... wow pc is bater?
Farzin ... One x
temanno... Medium/low settings on xbox one x.
Scream ... Hmmm. Roznica jest znaczna, szczegolnie widoczna jest na ostatnim screenie. Te krople na magazynku, cienie. A czy planujesz porownanie 1080ti vs 2080ti i xbox x vs 1080ti? Jestem ciekaw jak wypada X wzgledem starszego zielonego mocarza.
Thats All Diference xdd
Mr Glas... The x is quite impressive
MACA GA... ????
Matthew... They actually look pretty darn close and at least for me it's very very difficult to find a difference between them. Not bad for a console.
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