HITMAN 2 Hawkes Bay, Nightcall ALL Kills Compilation HIDDEN...

HITMAN 2 Hawkes Bay, Nightcall compilation of eliminations on the targets, including the accidents. Compilation includes all challenges eliminations together with accidents and hidden ways to resolve the mission. In this kill montage you will find several ways to use the items stored in the panic room, together with a secret way to dispose Alma, without firing a bullet or using a weapon/poison and whatever other item possible. Challenges Unlocked: Sleep Tight Sugar, Honey, Honey Smells Like Nail Polish A Clean Kill Like A Fish In A Barrel Mr Sandman Hawkes Bay is the smallest level in the HITMAN 2 roster of maps. It is also the only level so far without any opportunities/mission stories where we have to eliminate only one target. The Mastery on this map is achievable after a one playthrough and reaching Master SASO isnt really hard here. There are also only just a few of the assassinations to complete except the classics like garrote, drowning and so. There is however a one original and redacted elimination, not present so far on the other maps. HITMAN 2 STEAM HITMAN 2 My Discord Channel HITMAN Hawkes Nightcall Kills Compilation HIDDEN

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Martino...Which one elimination is your favourite?
PS. Default suit for this map is cool.
Film osadzony źródło: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCf0CjzS9F2-rt6R2HyNlnzw

Martinoz ciekawostki

Martinoz ciekawostki

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