HITMAN 2 Santa Fortuna, Colombia MASTER SNIPER ASSASSIN 03:19

HITMAN 2 Santa Fortuna/Colombia, Three Headed Serpent Master Difficulty Sniper Assassin Suit Only Walkthrough with Default starting equipment and default starting location. The Sniper Rifle of my choice is the Sieger 300 Tactical, a level 10 Mastery from the Isle Of Sgail. Its one of the best Sniper Rifles so far, with 3x zoom and the ability to slow the time while aiming. For sure it will be one of your standard choice to such mission. All of the targets can be eliminated very fast, without triggering any events. Andrea Martinez goes first, you can take her down in the first FIVE SECONDS. Just when the map starts, navigate a little bit and open your briefcase with a Sniper Rifle. Quickly zoom the scope at hear head and pull the trigger. Doing a headshot is crucial here, missing a shot mean alerting the guards what will ruin your playthrough. From here the game becomes a little bit slower, get to the Rico and climb the vines. There, quickly pull your Sniper Rifle and shoot before he goes behind the Mansions walls. From there, he literally becomes unavailable to pick up with a Rifle, you will need to wait for him over 2 and a half minutes for another chance. From there, head to the jungle and reach the cliff, where you can see the Coca Fields and Franco, Sometimes you will be able to pick up the Franco instantly, sometimes you must wait but do not waste the time. Head down or pick him from a cliff, look out for the camera below. With Franco taken down, head to the helicopter and distract the Coca Field Worker nearby. Well done. Travel the globe and track your targets across exotic sandbox locations in HITMAN™ 2. From sun drenched streets to dark and dangerous rainforests, nowhere is safe from the world’s most creative assassin, Agent 47 in the ultimate spy thriller story. Welcome to the Colombia 47, your history with the Delgado family might be handy with this assignment. You have 3 targets in this mission, all of them are pretty distant from each other in this map, prepare for a trip. The distant village of Santa Fortuna is a home to the Delgado Cartel, you must know them from a Hitman Blood Money installment. Main figures of this cartel are the leader Rico Delgado, their PR figure Andrea Martinez and the main chemist, Jorge Franco. The village is full of Sicarios, Elite Guards and other small hostiles, basically everyone here might be a potential danger. Some of the villagers are even cooperating with a cartel, you might some of them being employed like a Bartender or Sub Engineer. Dont be deceived by the villagers and the public support for Rico and his cartel, in reality they are just a bunch of local mobs. Rico Delgado resides in his luxurious mansion, the entrance to it is heavily guarded by his soldiers, you need to improvise. Ricos weakness is his love to El Mijo, a lovely Hippo residing in his enclosure... guess what, we will be going to exploit this love. Andrea Martinez by far is the easiest target for you to take, she is also the closest one from our default starting point. Jorge Franco resides in the Coca Field, a location heavily guarded by the Coca Fields, hidden deep in the Santa Fortunas jungle. Jorge has got a lot of weaknesses, he is slow and shares some bad habits like anger outburts, it will be a good thing to exploit it... HITMAN 2 STEAM HITMAN 2 My Discord Channel HITMAN Santa Fortuna, Colombia MASTER SNIPER ASSASSIN 03:19

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