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Civilization 5 Portugal Archipelago Part 2

Playing Civilization 5 with the November 9th build of the Vox Populi modpack which you can find at . Playing as Portugal on Archipelago map. Subscribe to my channel for daily videos: Like what you see and want to support me? You can do it on Patreon: My Social Media: Discord Server: Twitter: Business Inquires Only: New to the channel? Hi! My name is Marbozir and Ive been running a gaming channel since 2011. I enjoy many different genres, but I always had a soft spot for strategy games, so youll find a lot of them on my channel. The videos I make include short series, where I check out new games that interest me, long lets play / walkthrough style series focused on games I especially enjoy, sometimes a high difficulty level playthrough, and from time to time random one offs, occasional multiplayer gameplay, old games and more. I like sarcasm and dry humor, so youll probably find some of that in my videos too! #Civ5 #MarbozirCivilization Portugal Archipelago

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Ramkham... Ah, what a pleasant coincidence. Salutations, Marbozir.
Wicca R... Really, I don't think you desire that city enough, if you brought all four archers to bear upon that city it wouldn't take very long at all.. and you should get a get the ship that shoots hehe
chuck43... I know Venice can absorb the city-states, but why are you so worried about Austria taking them?
Eryk Cz... Portugese unique ability is related to trade units, so deprioritizing caravan was an absolutely TERRIBLE decision. It's caravans that should be prioritized over anything else! Shame for a such experienced player! :o
Aliens?... Ram! Our favourite city state!
Jesse F... You can station another archer on the other side of the island so you can shoot Almaty from 3 sides.
LordBre... You can position a third archer on the hill where your spearman is. It's not likely they will get a unit to attack your archers. With three archers you can take it down eventually.
biogoo... What I dont like about this mod is that AIs settle very aggressively, there is no good way to block the settlers (and even then they dont mind settling one tile away) and whats worst, every neighbour AI will almost automaticaly declare war after a while. It is very annoying.
PiousMu... Venice, Austria AND the Mongols? RIP city-states.
John Sm... Why not build chariot archers instead of regular ones? Also have new units touch mt K.
stars n... sneaky sneaky austria... that was excellent timing marbs >:]
Jasper... Oh nooooooooooo, Ramkhamtrollface :-[
Dio Kha... Marbs, you may want to look at this if you are using the latest beta
MrAweon... Lol. Mongols and Venice - worst possible neighbors for Portugal. Bye, bye juicy trade routes with city states.
Fraccle... I thought you'd be on the mass trade Feitora route with Portugal.
OneLeat... Can you not put another archer over near Melbourne to chip away at Almaty while you wait for a catapult?
Rossi... Knowing your luck Marbs, Almaty will probably be your only city with Uranium or Coal out of all the other cites you'll have by then.
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