Jaguar i Pace ENG Test Drive and Review Marek Drives

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Cool Ca... Another good review, thanks.

I’ll be steering clear for now as these cars are far from eco friendly yet, your calculations were very interesting. The other factors that need to be included are the cost to the environment to produce the car itself, in particular, the batteries.

Like the car but not the cost for something that doesn’t do what I need by way of range......One day, perhaps...??
g00dfee... This makes cars with combustion engines so obsolete.
BillyNo... good review. Tesla should be worried as this is actually cheaper than a Tesla
ytdood... All these comparisons fail to take into account how much energy it takes to produce petrol or diesel. Just because you can math out 150 g CO2/km for the I-Pace, the equivalent petrol/diesel car to compare should take into account how much you need to produce its fuel as well. Just check Engineering Explained's video on whether electric cars produce more CO2 or not. And they don't.
MK KM... Very disappointing infotainment. It is SO DAMN SLOW to respond and we're in 2018 when a 150 dollar Android phone responds quickly. Also disappointed with the drag coefficient and overall efficiency. Tesla's are 0.23 or 0.24. Makes a huge difference at highways speeds.

As far as how clean the drive is. Well, right now Poland is super Coal based and thus any EV is polluting about as much as a similar sized petrol car. However, if you have your own solar, it's cleaner. If Poland invests in renewables, it becomes cleaner. The point is, there is no petrol or diesel car that can get cleaner within its useable lifespan. EVs can.
Tja0000... I nearly bought an I-Pace but ... BUT it is not available. It is sold out until 2019 or 2020. Two things you didn't mention:
1) I-Pace has a terrible kW per 100km ratio compared to other EVs. We are talking about more than 30kW.
2) Once more people have an EV they want to charge you'll have to queue up. Nobody seems to add the queuing time to the charging time. And please don't tell me you never had to wait at a patrol station. :-)
Will I buy one? No, because once it will be available there'll be more modern EVs on the market.
Or even other types will replace the EVs ... like fuel cell cars? Who knows. I don't place my money on a car developed in 2017 and start using it in 2020.
alliejr... Are you really driving 350-400km (approx. 4 hours) a day? Unless you're intentionally on a long trip (don't most people fly?), you drive around all day (maybe 150-200km) and park back at home. Charge up overnight and you're ready to go again. If you could fill up your gas/diesel car at home every night and leave the house with a full tank, you would almost never visit a petrol station. That's how to use an electric car. You never visit a charge station so charge time is (almost) irrelevant. Yes, yes, yes "long trips", but that is an edge case. For most, 95-99% of the time, you're sleeping at home in your own bed, not out on the road.
Patrick... A 1983 Audi 100 had a drag coefficient of 0.30, it took Jaguar 35 years to get to 0.29. Not such an improvement.
musictu... Thanks for the good review. The comparision of CO2 between France and Poland is very interesting, never thought about the meaning behind the truth. This kind of information make you become a very unique youtuber! Thumbs up!
ILIJA19... That front boot should be much bigger.
Great car overall, but still to expensive for driving around town. A 100000€ car should be able to do long distances with ease.
Morris ... Its too obvious that you are reading of a script... nice review anyway!
Toronto... Congrats.. Amazing ev.. We just test drove it for second time and loved it.. It will give Tesla run for its money
Vlatko.... Interesting car definitely. Much better interior quality than a tesla.
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