EN Patreon staff testing! SCP 079, new gun and more!

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Nova CP... When is this coming out?
Kektus ... It's gonna be extremely hard for scientists and dbois to get atleast a zone manager/facility manager if they dont find 914 before the SCPs and a 079 spawned hmm...
Kektus ... What a fancy man
riley m... As well, it would be nice to have scp spawns, like having a breach of 049-2, as currently it feels like scp always lose long games
riley m... It would be nice if you replaced the flash grenade with a confusion grenade, reversing an opponent's control scheme to make an escape.
T- POSE... Hubert you’re a sexy man
dat mel... What SCP will be added later
Hurbs H... "all the other kids whit the pumped up kicks you better run better run outrun my gun"
Kacper ... Nareszcie po 12 miesiącach jakis update
Andrei ... what does experience do?
220 Cal... 6:00 When everybody wants to be 079.
AManTha... 26:43 Katyn Massacre (colorized)

(Polish people dont get offended its just a joke)
White R... Mordeczko dawaj po polsku
RedRapt... It's disbalance i think
Dzemore... Wiecej angielskich streamow plox, mi sie wydaja za lepsze
Dead Me... I love the new 079. The only problem I have is that locking doors is basically useless since they only stay locked for around 5 seconds and it takes a long time before you can do it again. Personally I think that keeping the power charge the same is fine but maybe increasing the time doors are locked slightly would be a good change. I might have a different opinion when I actually get to play but based on what I've gathered from the video that's what I think.
hag fen... Xd
Michael... Hubert please do more polish stream :) Like old time
Dakota ... No u
Uncle L... Its my man Moe!
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