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Bible Flock Box ciekawostki

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Fritz K... Hello im from Philippines, Can you also make a video about Fake Religions like "Iglesia ni Cristo" (Church of Christ) and "Jesus is Lord" of Quiboloy (claimed he is son of God, he got jets, cars etc) .. they asked alot of Money to people. these are the two very influential religions here aside from Catholics
Browney... Awesome
Oliver ... Jesus didn't come to start a religion... he came to have a relationship with you
Qua Lue... You don’t know me be please do a Reaction to hopsin ill mind 7
sir... this guys is all clickbait
Heather... Does thinking about sin the same thing as committing sin? I’m confused because I don’t know if I’ll look bad in front of the Lord when Jesus comes again. I’m also scared that I won’t be saved.
Tim Hel... Hey Greg. Do you think studying for school on the sabbath a sin?
Soulja ... Just letting you know they have blocked your latest video to me, censoring all over sad times ! I’m from England i think they are trying to block other countries videos they are so evil and so shady all we can do is pray and have hope
Kai Joh... @Bible flock box why does god kill u and replace us like books on a shelf
robloxg... God isn't real
Rade Il... Grag, is masturbation a sin ???
Dorothy... Hi Greg, I am watching the recorded version but I just wanted to say I love listening to your vlog and also can I suggest you watch a couple of videos by Pastor Randy Skeet called 'God in Debt' and 'In the Meantime'. He is a SDA Pastor and very informative, he has memorized the whole bible. Thank you for all you do.
Anthony... 1:23:37
Hey, Greg I asked you if you can do a video on black and white magic. Just commenting you about this so that you won't forget about it. Can you do the video entitled, "BLACK AND WHITE MAGIC. Are EITHER of them GOOD or EVIL? ???‍♀️"
Superfl... Dude I was your 300 like I believe in Jesus Christ I believe in I'm going to heaven with my dad
Dashawn... Youtubers are gonna be youtubers
Debra B... Why did I get a notification that Bible flock Box is live on 11/19/18 4 hours ago but was deleted from BFB?
Nerin V... Can a man be saved after selling his soul ?
Uli Lee... Brother Greg, please pray for me. There is a man keep stalking my activity by hijacking my phone from time to time, deleting some of my Live video subscribtion like yours and other christian video. I know this man and didnt talk with him since last year coz i know he has bad spirit. Thank you and Jesus bless you.
Keturah... Are we goibg to have new human bodies
promise... Can you do a video please on why there is so many religions??
Boss Ki... Good video Greg
Martian... Hey can you please help Jaclynglenn ?God bless .
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