CHAT IN LOADING SCREEN?! Riot New Technology

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tomisla... pls just not this
Selman ... is it a good idea to give such an toxic community more space to flame each other?
MEMES N... Now you're able to trashtalk to your team before game starts!
dbd978... useless. people will alt tab or just not talk as usual
Gudfedr... Game is fucking dead ehh season 4 i miss you
Hachi R... "fkin jungler testing xin zhao in rank no mastery points on him fkin reported i'm going afk"
Benno C... I relly dont Like the loading Screen bitte the Chat is OK.
Eric... LoL is only like 10 years old soon. They are inventing some insane new things no one did before xD
Sh4doWz... Finally
filip k... And now I am waiting for team voice chat... nit the premade but but voice chat for whole team. I think it would help some ppl when you yell at then Kata is roaming bot because nobody reads chats, actually I don't think my team have that thing even turned on their screen. Also rito should add some system to prevent ppl running down and calling others degenerated and wishing death to other family is even work for an psychologists. Btw can somebody explain how some ppl can be placed in Plat hor higher and their actual mmr is 2 ranks bellow like silver... that's not even funny to play with them anymore and it's getting worse for there's literally no punishment for these individuals.
Nice Gu... Its nice man
God Of ... How about rito would load the map while everyone is selecting their champions?
Tome of... Loading screen chat = 5 min of me telling jojokes to people that havent watched jojos
F.?... I propably won't use it often cause I play something else on my second display while waiting till the game starts
modzia1... Cant use all Chat btw
Nomad... Now i can flame that guy who has the toaster
Dante C... took long enough..
calvin ... What will happen in my chat:
Me: hello guys!
Teammate:kys plastic kid
Me: what did i do wrong ?
Teammate: u mom gey kys fggot
Judith... Where’s the mastery thing
MilkyWx... They add a chat in the loading screen but can't balance the game right.
NAME NA... Tr serverine gelmesin aq
Blank... Also, you can't /all in this chat
Nichola... now destroy the guy stuck at 0%
Nichola... now u can flame the person stuck at 0%
Vlada -... Is that doran's ring a spoiler for a future AP Ezreal montage like the one you did with Shyvana? >:V
Teagen ... On one hand: cool we can talk loading in you can make strats and interact, you know talk to ya fellows

On the other:people just have more opportunities to flame and be jerks
lGold l... Now I can spam this
<) )╯all the single ladies

( (> all the single ladies

<) )╯oh oh oh
agodeli... Oh the saltmine this game is about to become. "WHY DID YOU INSTALOCK WTF?", "NO I'M TOP", "WHO USES EXHAUST?".
Logan P... Next add voicechat
BlackRe... Now i can mute my team even faster perfekt!
JohnGre... I can already see people typing: DONT ALT TAB WE WANT TO PLAY
Christo... Now I can make fun of peoples names before I get into game, instead of trying to type up a joke during the first few seconds.
SanityO... I don‘t remember there is a loading screen cause i TAB instantly out to the Internet, Spotify, or anyting else
neki di... Thank God He Didn't Make This A 10 Minute Video.......
Wulando... So niiiiiice
Moonfis... Very cool xd
leo... i literally thought of this yesterday!!! Wtf :D
Luís D... Now I'll legit not load. Thanks Riot. I'm going to StarCraft.
Marcos ... Now I can make jokes on the crappy net guy before we even start the game.
The future never looked so bright.
???????... Mid or Feed!!
eRic... yay now even in load screen ill be forced to see a chat i have absolutely no need to use since im a solo player fcken great
Gian... I played a game with you earlier<3 sadly the all chat wasnt working
pokfen... 5 Dark Harvest on one team right?
This is Preseason guys :D
42 Rams... Took em enough seasons smh.
Jancen ... Cant wait to get reported in loading screen
Mega Pe... The skin name and character name is repetitive in the loading screen
10Megar... The disscusion was made years ago to add a chat into loading screen. It was denied with the argument, that players who are loading slowly in to the game will have even more problems with the loading because the loading screen will take more ressources
omer sa... So now we can flame the guy uses a toaster?
Ryski... Nice, now i can tilt my team even faster
Hi im c... Finally we can do something while waiting for that guy with 80%
Arma S... this is a great idea!
QunoPl... New loading screen is amazing
liderab... This is going to be great. Cant wait to flame everyone with a slow PC :D
Kryšto... Thats a changle I would like to see rather than another new champion or rework that is gonna become either utterly useless (nunu) or stupidly overpowered and easily abusable (akali)
Hisham ... wow this is nice
PvP... Its really great Idea. Nice Riot!
MizzaC ... Finally i can talk to my Botlane normal, till they feed, and i flame
cardin ... Nnani
Massimo... the karthus and vlad skin have the same hair
MyPKCha... I love it !
piotr m... WoW
Kiyuji... Riot promoting toxicity. How lovely.
My Name... I hate the new chat stuff, can't even all chat in the game lol
Taliyah... Just.. don't! The loading screen is basically the only peaceful time in this game.
Erre... i've been wating for this since 2010! finally i can say "INVADE DUMBASSES!"
African... Its not good for me... I have wood laptop. Yup riot fuck me more...
Futrzas... I see this early flaming ._.
Free Wa... Op
Kauan O... This new chat Will be so funny XD
Crystal... /mute all in loading screen! nice! I always forget that as soon as the game starts but now i will make it a habit to mute them as i have nothing to do while loading in :D gj rito! :)
Putin B... Idea is pretty good but it still needs some work on it.
TheoElK... nice now I can say open top at 0:00 Keepo
Narimto... the game become more interesting
Element... revolutionary
Achille... Another meme bites the dust
Epos Pr... bm before the game starts, pog
Lil Dan... they just want to ban more people feels bad man
Saiyanc... oof that's nice!
Billy T... Pretty cool
naruto ... This looks cool
Bad Nig... all i want 4 chrismas is this ??
Sodium ... No all chat.. feels lonely you cant chat with enemy
Jaros?a... Hmmmmm... I guess that means in LCS they wont be able to use this. A nother change for casual Players... Interesting...
Killer ... tower in the JUNGLE?!?!
KOREGA... Now I can continue flaming my team mate autolocking yasuo support because champ select time isn't enough.
Dyzinel... "Finally".
Michal ... "Hey you fu@€£¥₩ pie@# of sh@# load faster thx"
Fucksfi... Quality youtuber, not 10 minutes about this
Rokador... I can't wait for kids arguing over picking Yasuo for 5 minutes longer.
John Ha... Thats really cool and all, but can we get a better death recap? PLEASE?
John Cl... Wait riot is implementing something good, I think this is fake
PhoeniX... make a voice chat for ur team too so that if u want u can join with non premades too
Blazing... I smell spaghetti somewhere.
Octilli... You forgot to mention that last season rank will show up when you hover over someone's portrait
Engelbe... Instead of doing something against flaming and trolling they exactly do the opposite and encourage such behavior. As if anyone would use this for tactical stuff.
MeanMan... Fancy, but when is the game gonna become fun again?
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