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Civilization 6 Lets Play Nubia #13

Civilization 6 Lets Play Nubia! Doing a quick Civ 6 game before Rise and Fall expansion release in February. Playing as Nubia, one of the recently added civilizations. Using CQUI mod (interface mod, doesnt affect gameplay). If you enjoyed the video, please leave a like! Civilization 6 Lets Play Nubia Playlist: Civilization 6 on Steam: Civilization 6 Official Website: Subscribe for daily videos! Support me on Patreon! Join my Discord server to chat! Follow me on Twitter Follow me on Twitch Civilization Nubia

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John Sm... Please make more civ 5 videos!! Civ 6 is an awful game to even look at. Looks like it was made prior to civ 4. The only thing that makes this remotely watchable is the awesomeness of marbozir
Nick Gr... Kawa has Aluminum
Pandatr... I hate these dead end technologies. You can bypass so many of them (which is actually logical come to think about), but my OCD dies everytime
Artr Th... Still enjoying the playthrough. While Civ VI still has a lot of rough edges, with expansions and mods plus improvements to AI and pacing, it’ll become a gem.
Winneto... So what does everyone think the flaws of Civ 6 are ?

My thoughts are:
- the agenda system. It sounds like a nice idea the first time you hear it. And it might also be good. But the current implementation makes everybody so hard-bent into role-playing it, that makes it pure idiotic garbage. Neither fun nor useful nor realistic/immersive
- the denoucing system, (also coupled with the agenda system) while I don't think it actually has any meaningful impact, as I see it right now is 100% annoyance. If I remember correctly, in the past a denounced civ would be one that was to be shunned, for doing bad stuff, like overexpanding. Now with reasons like "you didn't do the stuff I like" and "you have different government" everybody is like a crybaby who's mad at everyone for not being their slave. And WTF is this thing with "different government" crap ? Since when somebody actually cared about this ? This should be like in Civ 5, just around IDEOLOGIES.
These two above combined make for 0 AI diplomacy (aka all hate you).
- science being too.. fast ? in the later stages of the game, while the wonders take up to one entire age to be built. District costs get pretty ridiculous too, but I don't have enough experience to the game to say if that's an actual bad thing or not.
cosmo g... You has two spies sabotaging production at the same time so when one succeeded the other had no valid target for its objective.
Ryan Jo... politics: lets build literally anything other than a university, a nuke... lets get a tank.
-Nav-... I feel like X-Com changes how everyone perceives math: that's not a 90% chance to succeed, that's a 10% chance to fail. :P
Rock-n-... Is that the Ruhr in her capitol?
Rock-n-... Morning Mar ... Ghandi. Enjoying the play through Marbz. Even if the game is flawed. Maps. There is just something about maps.
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