Forza Horizon 3 Xbox One X Enhanced Trailer

Free update goes live at 10 AM PST on January 15, 2017. MotoGamesTVForza Horizon Enhanced Trailer

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Lamboma...Looks even better!
Alain F...Just played it now and it is fantastic. Great job Microsoft and Playground Games.
Markus ...Haters will always find an excuse to throw hate... if it's not native 4k... if it's not 60fps.. you can never win against haters, no matter if it's the best Racing game on any console.
PLUG_RA...Possibly the last update of Forza Horizon 3 with Xbox One consoles and the X.
Captain...If this was forza horizon 2 id be throwing my money at them
Damian ...Wow, announce for enhanced but not Multiplayer modes, this shitty game must received before 4k, DLC, Expansions and other stuff, more multiplayer modes, then theres no reason to still playing this boring game because there's nothing new to do.
Scarlo...I'd rather play a 60fps game at 1080p than 30fps and stupid & useless 4k.
Ahmad G...I thought that it's the "most powerful console".
LFA...30 FPS for 4K so stupid. Horizon 3 looks and Plays alot better with 60 FPS. I play on pc this game, and then on my Xbox One, and i become Motion sickness.... Give OneX owners a Option Microsoft.
Szybki ...Wszystko fajnie, ale i tak dalej 30FPS
Catalin...No 60FPS?!!
Bar Gol...Already looks great in 1080p, so i can't imagine how amazing it'll look like in 4k
Floatze...No 8K? BULLSHIT.
The oth...60fps too, right?
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