Slay the Spire Part 5 Snecko Eye Always Confused Run...

Welcome to Slay the Spire Lets Play / gameplay series! Slay the Spire is a fusion of a roguelike and a card game, featuring dynamic deck building, different dungeon layout every time you play, lots of unlockables, cards and items to discover. If you enjoyed the video, please leave a like! Slay the Spire on Steam: Subscribe for daily videos! Support me on Patreon! Join my Discord server to chat! Follow me on Twitter Follow me on Twitch Spire Snecko Always Confused Livestream Gameplay]

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YouTuba... no step on snecko
P Radzi... He is wrong about not playing cards right?
As I know all cards you have in your hand go to the discard pile despite playing them or not. (apart from retain or special effects) Or am I missing something?
timfido... Great run! You can't typically afford to take Snecko's eye, since by the time you get it you have a deck full of cheap cards that it will debuff. But if you get it at the start...
amokved... Noxious Fumes seems overpowered.
Russell... Hey Marbs. I'm cringing every time you discard the ability to block damage and have energy left. All cards not played go to discard. Notice how they all shift off screen to the right? You won't get them faster by not playing them.
2fortra... This game is so amazing, I am very glad you are playing it
chuen l... He did wrong.
All hand draw on that Turn will be discard no matter what.( UNLESS you got a relic that can hold Card ).
Exhaust Card mean remove from Discard pile for that fight ( 1 time Use per Fight )
Let take his 1st Fight on this Video ,
(Turn 1) 12 card in Deck, Draw 7 in hand , 5 card left in Deck ( 12 -7 = 5)
(Turn 1 End) Discard all cards in hand. 5 IN Deck 7. 7 IN Discard Pile.
(Turn 2) 5 card in Deck, Draw 5 in hand still need 2 more cards, So reshuffle discard-pile into Deck and Draw 2 more cards.
Milambe... this run could be interesting, looking forward how far you can go :)
kolomva... Hi Marbs,

Actually, you are wrong about your card to draw analysis :

If you don't play a card in your hand, it will go to the discard pile, not to the draw pile.

So if a card has marginal benefits, and you have the energy, it should always be played.
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