Thirteen Doctors Scene | The Day of the Doctor Reactions...

This scene is so epic for every Doctor Who fan out there. One of my very first Reactions Compilations on this channel, were made to this very scene. Over the years some more Youtubers reacted to this movie, so ive decided to make mashup for this scene. Hope you all enjoyed it! Link to playlist with all videos, used in this Mashup: SUPPORT THIS CHANNEL ON PATREON: Music from my Outro: Vibe Tracks You Like It SUBSCRIBE! Facebook ► Twitter ► Twitch ► Instagram► Snapchat ► AdikTheOne Stardust ► AdikTheOne YouNow ►

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Darkwin... Was there 2 David Tennant's involved as his two regenerations were counted?
Does this mean we didn't see 13?!
Alex Ib... My favorite reaction was from the girl in red at the bottom right (sesskasays) only because she was calmer than everybody else and wasn’t having multiple orgasms at once
Phoenix... I just love the idea of Moffat watching this filled with pride
Blazexo... ALL THIRTEEN !
Robert ... Can you imagine how loud the crowds of the entire New Wembley Stadium would be screaming?
He need... Tf was going on
12chapi... Do a compilation of reactions to Dawn at the wedding.
Krunchy... My favorite part was their reaction to Eccleston.
Without him, who knows where Doctor Who would be today.
Angelus... wow Adik why are you positing reactions from a 3 year old episode?
those reactions are from 2015 btw
Daniele... Can you make a mashup for 12-13 regeneration as seen in 2017 Christmas special "Twice upon a time"? Thank you.
YoRocky... Yay, you added Sesskasays. :D
anti jr... what about one for the time lords giving him a whole new regeneration cycle and i'm from gallifrey boys
Spectru... This scene is probably the most interesting scene in the entire story to me, but not for the reason you think. It's interesting because I'd like to know where in their timelines does this scene happen to doctors 1-8 and 9 and the fact that 7 shows up twice, one clearly from the TV movie.
Josh Fr... This was a pleasant surprise. I remember watching your original reaction mashup video to Day of the Doctor years ago. It's good to see a updated version with new reactors.
Bryton ... I'm not even a massive Doctor Who fan, I rarely watch it.

But even I fanboyed out when I saw this moment happen when it premiered live.
tronili... 13 doctors in one place....council you must have really screwed up huh?
Ready P... 0:58 Gallifrey stands!
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