The Witcher 2 E3 2010 Demo vs Retail PC Graphics Comparison

The Witcher series both games and books originals are one of my favourite fantasy universe. When I recently checked E3 2010 Demo of The WItcher 2 Assassins of Kings I was quite surprised how the game has changed since its presentation/ So I decided to show you guys this as well, and I do really hope youll enjoy this graphics comparison. To make this video I decided to use gameplay footage of original retail version of the game instead of widely available Enhanced Edition because of it improved graphics. Since original is hard to get lately I have used folowing video of Maxed Out PC version with Ubersampling disabled (probably to achieve stable framerate) created by Erix380. So please to make sure to visit his channel and give him a proper thanks! Find me on Facebook: Follow me on Twitter: Witcher 2 E3 2010 Demo Gameplay: The Witcher 2 Walkthrough PC Max Settings Erix380 Gameplay: Music: The Witcher 2 OST The End is never the sameWitcher Retail Graphics Comparison

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Killswi... i remember witcher 3 trailer and the raging sea and storm , but wasn't that epic after that
Akilah ... The witcher 2 e3 demo was a downgrade and the witcher 2 vanilla is a great upgrade and the witcher 3 e3 demo was a upgrade and the witcher 3 vanilla became so fucking downgraded
Prey .S... Geralt face in demo looked better
New cha... Less details in demo
Theyn S... i see an upgrade except for the depth of field tho
Mehmet ... legit upgraded
Francoi... GErald actually looked like it's witcher 1 counterpart in the E3 2010 vesion. I still prefer the updated one.
Elise K... All I can say is thank god they changed Geralts face so fucking ugly
Gwynble... Witcher 3 deserved upgrades, fuck you consoles.
iWillWa... PC game with consoles as an afterthought: upgrade
Console game with PC as an afterthought: inevitable downgrade
Croz Ra... LOL that young geralt face in the demo.
ademar9... this is what happens when a game IT S PC ONLY ! IT GETS UPGRADED
TheShar... The Witcher 1>The Witcher 2>The Witcher 3
consolization... not even once.
Juan Se... Jajajaja the face of Geralt was so damn awful, thanks lord for fix that
Joshua ... this game still looks awesome on a pc, on consoles though, not so much
CoRoys ... Such a downgrade.
Jackie... The witcher 3 got downgraded but the witcher 2 was upgraded
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