My Summer Car #64 Mod BovSound Bypass Valve New shift sound Radex

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Luke th... I love your videos radex
WORLD G... Dude, how did you move the tachometer?
Przemek... Jak zainstalować tego moda? Wrzucilem wszystkie pliki do folderu mod ale nie działa, czy coś zrobiłem źle?
Drajwin... dasz linkacza do moda na zegar na górze od rpm
Nifle x... subbing cause of your my summer car mods, just found you:) keep it up man, keep going, nice job!!! Im adding this to my game :P also, you could add a car lifter with garage next to your apartment :D like on the other side in the yard?
Alexand... i cant get inn rally light it si coming up a eroor
Alexand... can ypu plz make a fast video how to install it plz plz
Alexand... i have msc mod loader but icant get it to work
Alexand... how to install it in to the gaem plz help
RobotDJ... Can you make a mod pack so I can download all your mods that you use
Godzill... Im your new subscriber :)
seba w... nice RADEX
Getaime... Nice video! Thanks for making it :)
Gamer D... You are good keep it up
Relja P... Where is anti lag ahahha you is best?
RazN... wich program do you use for editing?
kamyk!!... Subuje cię