Kshaway ciekawostki

Kshaway ciekawostki

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Wood Division Adventures 135 100 Minutes

Send me your League of Legends replays (Bugs, Glitches, Fails, Escapes, LoL funny stuff, rofl files only!) to: Twitter: League of Legends is a game i guess.Division Adventures Minutes

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Ernesto... una partida que tuve duró casi 3hrs :v
Eduardo... 5:28 song name??!
Hannes ... 100 mins to me isnt that much
Chieh M... 1:37 that hurts
Arcadeo... 1para todos
Yugo Bo... 7:59 now that's fucked up
johny_a... this sion ahahah
MR Bean... You are the best kashway!
Maël... 2:16 that play by TamKench tho
Gabrysi... What's that yellow dot at 6.42 in top-left corner?
Twisted... 7:07 that jhin XD
Tejas... Music is so good lol
xScr34m... 3:07 is that you Acclamator?
Ron... Why is there a coin in the top left corner at 6:42 ?
Verover... 8:19 that Caitlyn headshot. O_Q
Patrick... Red team deserved this win so much!
1. Blue had a teemo on their team. Actually reason enough.
But 2. Riven deserves to be kicked out of lol :D
And 3. the whole blue team just fed them with kills like not possible. That’s also reason enough, you see in the end, how much more powerful red is in comparison to before :D.

This blue team was just bad as no other one :D.
Mikuru ... Why are they constantly throwing them selves 1 by 1 lol... Just team-fight or group together to take down the nexus s:
Intenti... That Jhin and Fizz scene had me rollin lmfao
Dp... I'll fight you
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