A BABY TROUBLE Saxxy Awards 2017: Comedy: Remastered

Vote here if you enjoyed: n/a (Steam login required) List of contributors: HoovyTube: Directing, Writing, Animating, Lighting, Polishing Razzlet: Animating EyeCandryMovies: Animating Ultratomic: Animating and Polishing Wolfalberto: Animating and Polishing PyBun: Animating Fanic: Animating, Lighting Phenomene: Polishing Source Mittens: Animation EmNudge: Heavy and Sniper voice acting MuseTrigger: Scout Voice acting Virtual.exe: Art, feedback Special thanks to: Viking Skirts: Thoopje: Magnus: Raxxo: The Biological Machine: Izak: Tobiased: SoundTrack by Hasan Abdullah: Custom Model: Baby Models by: Psyke: saints: Rain*!: Maxxy: Used workshop models: Enhanced Heavy: High Poly Heavy Bullet Belt: Highpoly weapons: Posable Engineer items: meet the medic beta props: Split Sandvich: Paintable Bullet Wounds: Speedlines: Ultrawide 21:9 Aspect Ratio Overlay: Enhanced MvM money drops: Created using the Source® Filmmaker. © Valve 2017 Tribute to Richard Williams.TROUBLE Saxxy Awards 2017: Comedy: Remastered

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Samanth...I LOVE SCOUT ?????????❤???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
explosi...2:09 spy just punched scout and the baby from the last point all the way to the first point
SupahDo...It sucks your channel doesnt get as much as attention it deserves. Good work!
Nema...get off the bombs N O W
Prince ...HA-HAAAAA!!!
Little ...I’m surprised they would beat up someone with a baby
Uvuvwev...Poor scout
Brownsk...Litteraly they are tryin real hard to kill him and the baby
Shy Guy...i was expecting pyro to pick up the baby cuz you know his pyroland crazyness
Cel Tol...The beginning I died of laughter already cuz of the walking of scout and also 2:23 GOMU GOMU NO KNIFE PISTOL!
Isaiah ...2:37 Eat Led Sucka
Mark Sm...I hate the spy so much
Mark Sm...But I like scout he's so cool
tommoha...Topic: flim and animation
It's suppose to be comedy
DisTube...Baby Heavy probably still has more health than a scout
numpty2...what's with having so many animators on board for such a short video?
Nguy?n ...if i'm the scout i just shot my self at the end of video
chong b...Pause the video at 2:38
Film osadzony źródło: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCc25bAyORoL7atRAtHI_YyQ

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