Tentsmuir Beach Seals Mar 2018 Captured on DJI Mavic Air 4k 30fps

A group of about 50 seals found on the banks of Tentsmuir Beach (between Dundee and St. Andrews in Scotland). Aerial footage captured with DJI Mavic Air drone in 4k 30fps on a cloudy day. My second flight with the drone, so still not quite perfect... Hope you enjoy the video !!!Tentsmuir Beach Seals Captured Mavic 30fps

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Zoltan ... And you disturbed and scared all 50 of them! Footage is good but shouldn't really bother wildlife!
Kelly M... the seals are so cute!! awesome capture!
Nature ... Mavic is a fantastic...!!! Great video :-)
Micha? ... Pęknie!
no name... Super!
Film osadzony źródło: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUZP1K5_KjxvbPlLW_QPN6Q