5 Challenges NEW CHRISTIANS Face and How to Overcome Them !!! Bible Flock Box

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Jay CLE... Thanks for your videos please pin this I watch them all right away!
America... I have no doubt that God is real!!
Shawn M... You described my walk with God in detail. And helped me have a better understanding. Thank you brother and God bless
BenLike... I watch your videos.
BenLike... Asteroids makes me doubt
Tiesets... Thanks, I am also facing these challenges.
I have a question for you, I wanted to ask that, since in modern days, why are churches preaching to motivate people to be successful but not focusing on the truth behind what God really wants us to know, I really have a big doubt about that church, the more I come and learn on your channel, the more lot's of things I didn't know are revealed, it's like people on this world are being programmed to not know the truth and hidden from us, that's why maybe lot's of people don't know or understand what's going around us, and to me this seems as a plan of being deceived. Please I need an advice and answer.
Jason J... I'm a Christian and something really bad happen to me today today I woke up and I was about to sin and then the radio turn on and and the bible station turn on and and that was God telling me stop don't sin... and I still sin I feel to sins of the flesh ... plz drop a prayers for me plz I beg of you brothers and sisters my name is Jason Juarez I'm trying to get closer to God. But I'm so anti social I have no friends and all I want is to get near Jesus and the holy spirit drop a prayers for me plz God will thanks I and i thanks u as well I'm studying bible esv by my self so it's kinda hard
merveil... I'm so thankful to the Lord because he wanted me to discover your youtube channel. It has helped me realize that I was still in the world while calling myself Christian and that I was not prepared for the rapture. But now after discovering your channel, I started to realize that I need the Lord and that I need to start over because I wasn't walking the way he wanted me too. Now I'm trying to become the Christian like the way God wanted me too. And again I thank the Lord for my encounter with this Channel.
May God bless this Channel and make it prosper in the name of Jesus
Genevie... How do I know if I'm dishonoring my parents?
surojit... hi sir pls anyone told me how I overcome my lust and anger.
I can't control my feelings then I have guilt why I am doing this again and again I can't control it.... I mean I feel there is a energy who give me the power to stop it but there is a great power every time defeat me and I can't stop masturbate....that's why I am thinking about suicide....pls help me.god bless all.amen.
Jacquel... Can u help me ? My brother is born again but was baptized in the church of Ireland and is a Protestant but when he was baptised he had to say he believed in the Catholic church my face hit the floor is he now a Catholic?
Gina Ma... If you could please tell me in your opinion which Bible is most accurate to study . I’ve seen comments about The Name Jesus being inaccurate, and God’s real name being taken out of the Bible... the woman at the well really didn’t happen, Daniel was added into the Bible at a later date, with that being said it raises one more question, what name do we pray to ? All I want to do is edify The Most High correctly.Thank you.
Pebbles... This is what I needed today ??❤️
Lola831... Thank you for your videos I appreciate it
Anton G... Thank you for the knowledge I don't know a lot but what I know I will preach I am not scared or ashamed
Nayte D... Thank you so much for sharing this with us and we really love that and I am so glad you share your story's with us and sharing the word of god with us and I Thank you!!!❤️❤️❤️
Saiyan ... I have a question is wearing ear rings a sin?because u use them and i want to know is it bad
Reneeli... O my gosh!! This is so true! But God really help me very much everytime I pray and read the bible more.
LoveyaP... How amazing it was when I was feeling doubt about my faith and how much I let myself go into temptation, the Lord just knows how to look out for me. I saw this video as I was doubting myself. Thank you my heavenly father ❤
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