2018 Porsche Cayenne Turbo Guilty Pleasure ENG Test Drive and Review Marek Drives

Film osadzony źródło: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fil0i6xKNG8

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Nick Sw... Thanks for the video! At 6:42 you floor it. It looks like it took a couple of seconds before it really flied. Does lag spoil this great car somewhat?
Valhall... Nice review Mr. Question for you: New 2018 Porsche Cayenne Turbo VS New 2018 Range Rover Sport SVR? Thanks
a belho... Buy the base one..much more usable
Alessio... fate scenne sto nano da sta macchina!!
Max Tro... It's wonderful to live in a time when a Jeep is faster than a Porsche Turbo.
bruno c... Best Alfa comment on YouTube!! Ha ha ha
Bryan C... Good review Marek,
For us in Kenya these high performance suvs work well, as a sports car can’t handle the poor road quality, size of road bumps and light off-roading.
DEA178... Nice Review. You put the quality of Porsche in good perspective in comparison with other brands. ??
CAR TES... Stelvio - It will break.
Ed will... Can’t compare Porsche quality to Alfa and Jeep...
Joe Da ... Have been driving one for years, it’s an impressive machine that goes absolutely everywhere
Tom Wu... 3:15 down right corner? What are you showing in a fraction of the second?
Daniel ... There is an option to lowering the back of the vehicle to make easier load and unload things
DoriKei... Try Touareg first. Maybe you will like it and there will be no need to buy another one three times more expensive just because it has a Porsche emblem, bit more leather and some other wistles. ))
Geoffre... Another great review Marek.
Mike Ca... The percentage of business from SUV platforms is not only huge,it is also still growing.A box is still a great idea and people still require practicality when spending so much on a new vehicle.Porsche still needs to make profit to stay around,bigger sales numbers means more cash flow to fund new R&D.They have great designers and engineers and they can keep them busy.A good business story>
Johanne... Aaaand then there‘s the Tesla Model X ?
Telmo A... You forgot Tesla Model X
Svenino... Great review, as always. Am I the only bothered by the fact that Marek always refers to cars as if they were persons? Never saying "the" before car name, The Porsche Cayenne, The Jeep Cherokee?
David H... Lol tow truck nice
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