Avengers: Infinity War | Official Trailer REACTION!!! My body is ready! reZigiuszBackstage

Film osadzony źródło: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4EYoaaAMr9Y

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FJBear2... Bro this is crazy. They really needed to raise the bar after Black Panther, and if the trailer is anything to take away from, they might be doing just that.
Solidus... Oh my goodness , you finally made YOUR OWN REACTION vid! Hyped! ?
Watch I... keep doing your own reactions Adik thumbs up
Whachan... It's gonna be lit!!!!! Awesome reaction!
Surendr... Great reaction, man!?
Awesome... 0:30
PORKYPI... Bro I would really appreciate it if you would give my channel shoutouts on your next video. I make funny videos btw have a nice day:)
Striker... The soul stone is probaly in wakanda because thanos attacks wakanda and there is no readon unless to kill the avengers but to also get the soul stone
Faruway... April is gonna be INSANE, man!!!! That Cap vs Thanos, tho!!!
BAGELZZ... Quotes by adiktheone”whoa wh wha what the fuuukk wazz dat”
ZekkyVo... Awesome video dude. Loving the videos :)
lieuten... Can you plz react to My Chemical Romance and Panic! At the Disco????
Star Wa... This a special face reveal?
FrogLov... So a mega mashup is definitely happening. I say wait a couple of days so you get alot more people.
Wong De... Mashup bro thanks
Dante D... "I hope they remember you" chilling...
Bright ... Dude.. I want Reaction Mashup of this Trailer.. & I will get your Like of the Video.. tq
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