Burnout Paradise Remastered PlayStation 4 Pro vs Xbox One X 1080p Graphics Comparison Make Your Life Greener

Film osadzony źródło: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ccQoQXtLfY0

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alejand... No es por mamon ni nada pero este juego lo veo exactamente igual que en mi ps3
Darren ... Played both and ps4 pro version miles better smoother
Slade W... Xbox one x looks a bit better.
Rem... Return when you got a decent 4k video, 1080p is for losers.
stargat... There is no difference in 1080p mode. I dont know why you have done this. Compare the high res modes please.
MusicIn... Native 4K on both.
dr. whe... same shit, cpu is the limiting factor here, and both are pretty much identical. i bet graphics settings are identical. looks like pro has higher fov tho. which is better. fov slider should be preset in all games.
FunnyCl... Can you do PS4 vs PS4 Pro?
hyperte... Xbox x feel slighly sharper.

Ps4 pro have more in screen for example 3:46 minutes.
PianoPl... 500$ oneX only for this?
LOPES Y... Xbox one x is clearly more powerful by the specifications, but in video it does not notice difference, it is not worth buying it not even the pro ps4, lots of money for little news, in the PC yes of course the differences.
JAD FX ... where xb One S?
PS4 Pro is darker, more natural colours and contrast
No winner here, but XB One S is better so no need to buy PS4 Pro or XB One X.
XB One S is the best.
Divecom... Microsoft Xbox hardware is better, Sony PlayStation system is better. Amigo.
Rzfx... yall dumb af if u tell no difference xbone x clearly has more sharp graphics on distant objects so im giving it to xbone
Ryan 10... Why this comparison ??? both looks exactly the same
Adam D.... see no difference but xbox one x is obviously gonna be better because it has better hardware and controller.
Argon... This game has good music? I heard GN’R and assumed lol, would totally buy it, if it has other good bands
Tributa... It literaly look the same, who say that one look better than the other its just a fanboy
Kian St... Just wondering why this comparison even exists...

The game looks exactly the same on both systems. But obviously, a zoomed-in snapshot of a sign, logo or building is necessary to compare the graphics. You know, the things that nobody will ever notice whilst driving? There are no major differences, nothing that makes me think 'Oh yeah, the One X looks better than the PS4 on this bit', or vice versa.
It just seems like a comparison put out there for the sake of it; it's a new game, released on two systems in competition, on a channel which has a comments section full of people constantly arguing about both systems the majority of the time.

Honestly, what's this video supposed to achieve? Just another video to throw onto the channel? Because it doesn't seem to have any meaning, or any worth for that matter.
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