what if depression is not an illness?

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Meshell... Your voice is so relaxing ??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️
anshith... Thank you for sharing
Arwa su... Please put Arabic sub?
Momen A... I get nervous taking videos of myself playing the piano. I can retry playing a song I've mastered about 20 to 30 times before I get it right. And sometimes I don't. As soon as I'm aware my playing is being observed I get nervous and make a mistake.
This is one of the many ways my anxiety puts me down.
Shaun H... If i move to Poland, could you be my therapist... I love mgla ../ aswell.... Much love, secret admirer from south africa
Romina ... maybe this is too personal, but does your whole family agree with you on this topic? I'm having trouble talking to my mom about it, about depression and mostly social anxiety.. which really goes hand in hand I think. and even though she's pretty much my best friend in all other aspects of life, she simply doesn't get my issues which are actually quite severe.
Romina ... I love you, I really don't know any other person I relate to as much as I do with you.
Salty B... Your so cute ❤️?
Crying ... To co powiedziałaś, nawet nie odebrałam jako argumenty, prędzej jako pusta dyskusje, która prowadzi donikąd. Nie wypowiadaj sie lepiej na temat czegoś, w czym nawet nigdy nie byłaś. Bardzo nie lubię twoich filmów.
Crying ... „Leki” zmieniają osoby na gorsze, otumanione kupy mięsa. To nawet nie są leki, to niczego nie wyleczy! „Leki” zmieniają myślenie a co za tym idzie, osobę. Wygadujesz okropne i krzywdzące kłamstwa.
Francis... What do you mean by an illness?Like is it question of hereditary factors or not being the contributing force for depression or is it an argument for making 'depression a definition.
Lizz Ma... I told someone I was battling depression and I needed professional help, and he told me why? That's not necessary, just pray, reach God... Would I do that If I have a broken leg? Just wait for it magically heal?
Jasmine... There is an argument that depression is actually an inflammation related disease
jookbj... Depression is a misdiagnosis by corrupt APA.
ANsOn I... Yes, it is a disease. It is genetic with me. I had child OCD, BDD severe anxeity. I managed it until the age 25. It spanned into MDD. My life is terrible. I learn from other sufferers and meds. Kratom helps with my meds. It is the only thread left.
abc xyz... do u talk about CPTSD aswell?
lee... I'd like to add the point you have made at 6:30 about the rat race and the industrialization of our society effects the "weak" and causing them to feel depressed. If someone would not consider depression a disease because it's a symptom of society, then should also be considering diabetes a disease because it has only become prevalent these years because of the change in our consumption of food, and atopic diseases like asthma and food allergies have become more common because of the artificial and food preservatives we consume, and how people with highly stressful jobs are more likely to develop hypertension and cardiovascular diseases, who's to say depression is not a disease just because it's precipitated by changes in society, many diseases are.
Savage ... You are cute and unique which is pretty rare these days. Just remember it if anxiety strikes again...
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