Civilization 5 Lets Play America Vox Populi Part 8

Were playing Civilization 5 Brave New World as America! Playing with Vox Populi, which is a total conversion mod for Civ 5. How to Install Civilization 5 Vox Populi mod: Civilization 5 on Steam: If you enjoyed the video, please leave a comment! Subscribe for daily videos! Support me on Patreon! Join my Discord server to chat! Follow me on Twitter Follow me on Twitch Civilization America Populi

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daan mo...Theres only 7 civs left because Pacal got conquered
Jamie B...A-Marb-ica!
Jamie B..."What is he smoking? Apparently he's not smoking the peace pipe!" --Classic
AlekSen...I like how Marbozir bought the tiles instead of just out right buying the grocer. That would have saved some time.
Jesse F...If you can steal architecture and don't plan to change to spy on Shaka any time soon, maybe not research architecture right now?
Ming Ka...You lost the Valetta alliance just before the video ended, might have to get it back for the musketman spawns.
FizzFli...marbz keeps talking about shakas empire collapsing. in what way? do the ai not get massive bonuses to happiness?
Roger B...Pocatello is taking peyote.
azera55...Sweden be like how dare you take my furs that I took from you
jayeye2...I think the recent changes to the Vox Populi AI may have raised the difficulty level so that VP Emperor (standard speed) is now the same as vanilla Civ 5 BNW Deity.
stars n...shaka's really getting bloated hfwkjahfjlw i can't wait for the moment he implodes :p
Zak6959...I think shocker is using you as a mentor. What is he smoking. LOL
Mike Mc...Damn, Shaka is running away with this game. You better team up with the other civis to bring him back to size
Momir Z...Great series Marbz, really interesting. You have to expand to have slight chance (frankly, i think that Shaka has already won, check the size of his cities ;). he isn't slowing down unless you do it). So teach Sweden a lesson, for once.
Smitty...please get armory in te moak asap so you can start buying/upgrading landshneckts
Jonatha...Did you change your audio settings? Or a new pop filter? Your audio has a lot of pops and just generally less quality than I'm use to.
bjartek...Sweden really wants furs
whynots...marb, are you gonna train minutemen?
Neenjah...What the hell is Pocatello smoking indeed? He goes from declaring war against the strongest AI, then after almost immediately losing two cities he declares another war, and shortly after he says he's afraid of Marbs. Wth? lol
So could you use it to place an ambassy to get the vote and then buy the title from CS? xD that whould be a nice deal xD
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