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A Way Out Reveal Trailer vs Retail PS4 Pro Graphics Comparison

A Way Out quite surprisingly became one of the best games Ive played this year and absolutely EVERYONE who misses AWESOME couch coop game should buy it. Period. Aso worth noting is that which youll be able here to see, Hazelight manage to improve graphics in their game , comparing to great Reveal trailer last year. Check on yourself! I wish to thank EA for delivering me the game. Cheers to you Guys! A Way Out Reveal Trailer: Music: Under Cover by Wayne JonesReveal Trailer Retail Graphics Comparison

Najlepsze komentarze:

swiss... turn up that brightness boom you got the trailer
Joe Bar... This muthafucka has some nice threads
jose ma... Por que coño le quitan la niebla?. Le da realismo al juego
RoCk-N-... Crash Bandicoot N-Sane Trilogy had better lighting effects
1 A... why use ps4?
Wayne P... A way out graphics are lacking but it is 2 players local and basically an indie game published by a big company i loved it. Great game.
MusicIs... The graphics had to be good. It plays like a damn telltale.
????? ?... Co stosownie PC?
Moichol... The PC and Xbox x versions are a lot closer to retail, the post process and dynamic shadows are dialed back in the ps4 pro version
Gamerja... I mean the nature and trees look better in retail
Alvaro ... Retail is best!
My Frie... One day Remake version of this game will look like trailer
Google ... Is that you Ubisoft?.
SAM... Pay attention Ubisoft
Alexand... Compare with PC, Dumbass...
Like with Sea of Thieves.

Your Channel is so useless. --
Aelia Y... Take notes *UBISOFT*
Makko N... I'll take any downgrade if its necessary for a smooth gameplay. This game runs at 60fps is splitscreen on a console and it looks not that bad. Many current games with all their graphical fidelity barely can handle 30.
Diego A... I’m enjoying this game so far but it definitely feels downgraded while playing. Hopefully they add a Pro/ X patch later to get better lighting & effects.
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