LEGO Technic 42073: BASH! In depth Review & Speed Build 4K

Chapters for your convenience: 00:38 box and unboxing 02:17 speed build 04:09 functions 05:20 impressions 07:56 final note LEGO Technic 42073: BASH! Unboxing, Speed Build & In depth Review by Sariels LEGO Workshop Review, unboxing and speed build of the LEGO Technic 42073: BASH! set | Released: 2018. Pieces: 139. Building time: 20 minutes. Price: £17.99 / $19.99 / 19.99€ FB: More at: Technic 42073: BASH! depth Review Speed Build

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MArko Z... Fajna muzyka
Pan Nik... W czym mają pomoc rękawiczki skoro i tak odmroziłeś już sobie palce? I dlaczego nie masz rękawiczek jak pokazujesz pudełko?
pks... Jak ty się wyrabiasz z Cobi i LEGO ? Szacun
jancsi ... Am I correct if I say, Technic sets came this year with technically zero new pieces?
What's the reason for that? Designers found out in December that the Universe has became complete and there's no more need for new pieces?
Matej14... Lego Racers > Lego Technic
Technic... New music!?!
Saktusc... The ramp isn't included because it would shift the focus away from the engine pop feature.
Dark Pl... now we know your name pawel :)
Teng he... Sariel maybe u should total up the stars and make it upon something, so it makes it easier for us if we want to get the set
DANIEL ... my box opens on either side; i also had a leftover light gray beam(very unusual).if you remove the two red tiles on the pop up engine, it would pop up easily.
Bricks ... Is it hard to build with the gloves?
Gamer 0... lol nice car though
brick b... I have a solution for the Lever:remove those dark-grey tecnich pieces on the bumper,they make harder to pull the engine out
PurpleF... Waiting for you to reply sarcastically to the 100.000.000 people who ask you why you are wearing gloves without watching the video.
Klaevin... wow... ramps and exploding front ends in a race- cough technic set? so new and original... what's next, tiny sets that come in plastic boxes?
just kidding, I like how Lego Racers didn't just die off, but got merged with Technic
Remco S... Building and applying stickers while wearing gloves. True signs of a pro!
Tom Sko... In order to improve the pop-up mechanism: flip the level upside down and rotate the motor 90 degrees. Now it's "more likely" to work.

I bought this today because I have literally, NO studless pieces. All of my Technic parts are 20+ years old and after I saw many of your videos (and book) I want to start building some complex mechanisms (gearboxes, "transmissions", etc.). I wanted to know if it's more economical to buy Technic sets to build up parts, or should I go right for Bricklink / Lego Store?

Is there a set you would recommend that I should get to get the most Studless pieces and new gears, that is priced well?
Humor H... cool award :) you got that from YouTube?
Barrett... hey Sariel, the engine pop function works better if you remove the two red fou by ones from the bottom of the engine plate
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