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Northgard Lets Play Campaign Post Release Part 6 TWITCH VOD

Welcome to part 6 of Northgard Lets Play! Im playing the campaign in 1.0 (post release). Gameplay footage comes from my Twitch livestreams. Northgard is a real time strategy based on Norse mythology in which you control a clan of Vikings. Northgard on Steam: Subscribe for daily videos! Support me on Patreon! Join my Discord server to chat! Follow me on Twitter Follow me on Twitch Northgard Campaign Release TWITCH

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Game Ti... Whoever said missions do not get harder is totally wrong.

They do. A lot. You might feel they do not because you learn to play the game better so in practice they are not. But for example a new player can probably struggle his way trough first couple of missions if he is put right into them.

This is not true for later missions, this one included. If you do not do things properly and do not optimise and focus on missions you will lose hard.

Also for Marbs i think they will be nearly impossible until he focuses better this one is already going straight to loss as far as i can see because he is not paying attention and doing stuff without a strong goal in mind.
Game Ti... Nice videos Marbs. One thing though.

You want to collect food during warm times. What i see you doing over and over again is using healers and scouts all year round and then when winter comes and you realize you are short on food you convert everything you do not mandatory need to food collecting.

This is wrong. You want to have scouts and healers collect food during warm times to stock up and then convert them to scouts healers etc during winter. That is way more optimal.

Good luck!
Jamie B... Hmmm. It's spring and Liv is in the air.
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