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WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! | Discovering VR Chat 2

Recently ive played VR Chat for the very first time, and had quite a fun there, even met some of my subscribers and talked with new people. Im gonna upload videos from time to time, showing you what ive encountered while being there. In this video ive played with Mr Greek: SUPPORT THIS CHANNEL ON PATREON: If you like to make a small donation to support me, you can do it here Music from my Outro: Vibe Tracks You Like It SUBSCRIBE! Facebook ► Twitter ► Twitch ► Instagram► Snapchat ► AdikTheOne Stardust ► AdikTheOne YouNow ► DOING?! Discovering

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hatim you got 359k subs and this has 2k views ?
Ben Ske...Awkward, lol...
Mr Gree...Nice one Adik this was a good video, had lots of fun definitely need to hang out again.
Assembl...Do you know to the way?
Majesty...Let the fun begin
ROB VR...I must try this. Great job on the video.
Space P..."FUCK YOU buddy"
Jhabari...Do you know da wae my bruddahs
KillerX...May I get an Nani
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