LEGO Technic 42072: WHACK! In depth Review & Speed Build 4K

Chapters for your convenience: 00:38 box and unboxing 02:15 speed build 04:08 functions 05:15 impressions 08:18 final note LEGO Technic 42072: WHACK! Unboxing, Speed Build & In depth Review by Sariels LEGO Workshop Review, unboxing and speed build of the LEGO Technic 42072: WHACK! set | Released: 2018. Pieces: 135. Building time: 20 minutes. Price: £17.99 / $19.99 / 19.99€ FB: More at: Technic 42072: WHACK! depth Review Speed Build

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ELY BUI...Great review
The Fly...are you getting the UCS millennium falcon?
Viníci...Lego racers crash line worked and looked better and those sets are more than 10 years old
Evan Re...When is ur monthly check in
Alan :3...Where are the truck trial's Sariel?
Chaos Y...Wow those 2 are similar enough that sariel just had to Ctrl+C -> Ctrl+V 99% of the text ?
BigMac...why were you wearing gloves, was it because its cold where you live or the lego pieces are just killing your hands?
Optimec...In my opinion it isn’t problematic that the engine pop-up isn’t triggered too often, simply because you wouldn’t expect the engine of a car to jump out too easily. So although the pop-up engine may be unrealistic, it seems more realistic to me that the engine only pops out on really strong impacts.
olli le...I had one of these as a kid. They weren't made with technics back then, though. french, these two sets are called "TOUT FEU / TOUT FLAMME
1217101...These sets remind me a lot of the old 8469 Slammer Raptor. Not sure why Lego discontinued those slammers, maybe the rubber bands could cause injuries???
paul Sp...They should call the combined set 'ferdinand'
Mike P...Was that him at 5:49?
sitsia...04:58 did you just show your real name there
Obsidia...I didn't know Lego pullback cars could get sick.
Gabe would be funny if instead of WHACK! it was calles BOLD. So then the combined model could be called BOLDN' BASH. lol
Dhruv C...So you made two basically same reviews for two sets?
Really shows lego's creativity on the pullbacks this year lol
Pulsar...His gloves? WHACK
His builds? WHACK
His reviews? WHACK
His camera angles? WHACK
The way that he builds? WHACK
Me? I'm a rodent
Danc Mi...What an horrible name!
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