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2018 Mercedes Benz Sprinter ENG First Drive and Review

Mercedes Benz Sprinter comes in 6 body variants, and various sizes. It can be RWD, AWD or FWD. There are 4 and 6 cylinder diesel engines with power ranging from 114 to 190 hp, and as of 2019 there is also going to be an electric eSprinter. Gross vehicle mass ranges from 3 to 5,5 tonnes. Wheelbase ranges from 3250 to 4325 mm, and length from 5267 to 7367 mm. This means more than 1700 combinations. Help me make better reviews by donating: Starting price: 20 000 euro Also watch: Mercedes Benz Vito Mercedes Benz V Class Mercedes Benz Marco Polo VW California VW T6 Transporter Follow me at: @mwieruszewski #MarekDrivesMercedes Sprinter First Drive Review

Najlepsze komentarze:

ricardo... can´t you turn off the voice assistant? that is very annoying
Elton M... That was a very good Merced.....Z review :)
Alexand... Bring more vans and people carriers, please! Ford Tourneo Custom, maybe?
Nordlan... more big cars please! The Sprinter is a good basic for a camper.
CRO Ras... wow, I've never seen a Sprinter without any rust, I didn't that they didn't exist
Derek M... More commercial vechicle reviews please. Good job on this one
T H-L... 'The M word' ??
Huw Wil... Excellent review. One of your best yet.
I hope you get the luxury bus to review in depth later on. As it is, I like the load locators in both the van and pickup. I'm more of a pickup man and the model you drove, in four wheel drive form, if capable of towing 3.5 tons, may well be a more versatile alternative to the X Class for the business user.
tPATRIC... Changing oil every 60,000 km? That doesn't sound good...
Frederi... Let's hope it stays rustfree during the first change of seasons!!
swan83... Remember to use your blinkers :)
mipmipm... is that a passenger car steering wheel? it seems small for a van, but could be the wide angle camera
mipmipm... you visited the Netherlands again, yay!!
mipmipm... lol at 1:58 a random VW transporter appears in the middle of the Mercedes Sprinter press event parking lot
BillyNo... I wonder how many builders will end up swearing every time the media infotainment system kicks in. lol
I know plenty of builders that will use various British and Polish swear words. ha ha
Thomas ... Don't metion Mercedes!, and the war they are german after all
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