The Crew 2 ZIVKO EDGE 540 V3 2016 Trailer

Fun, excitement adrenaline, you will get it all in the Freestyle Family . From the large Americas open spaces to the big cities skyline, multiple challenges are waiting for you ! The ZIVKO EDGE 540 will be a perfect fit for this purpose. Launch Date: 29th, June, 2018 The Crew 2 will be available on PS4, Xbox One and PC. MotoGamesTVZIVKO Trailer

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Tommyve... Nice graphics this time
StarMan... I LOVE that livery
Adam... Can't wait!!!
TomK7... I hope they add jets/fighter jets (without weapons obviously) rather than only planes with propellers
The inf... The Crew 1.05
kruse62... Se ve guapo,pero es ubisoft, con esto lo digo todo
Rodrigu... Loving the addition of planes. Adds more freedom to the world exploration
Luigi R... No Offline Mode No BUY
Justin ... The planes are real?
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