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Project page: Telegram: Hello, today I would like to present you another ICO review. If you like it, be sure to subscribe to the channel and leave your thumb up. I know that some of you may not like that on the channel you will not find business advice and movies about your own company. Ive been doing this for the last few years and its time for small changes. I love new challenges and blockchain technology, so now the films will be about new ICO projects that have the opportunity to make you millionaires and revolutionize the world. If you have any questions or business proposals, or you would like your ICO to appear on my channel, write me an email: To hear and thank you for watching my movies!LUNES REVIEW Biggest blockchain PROJECT LATIN AMERICA

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Russell...record something about normal cryptocurrencies
Fedrico...How much i can buy for 5 ETH?
Allen R...awesome hahja voice
DeF3x much can you invest?
Canal d...Nice project!
Cristia...Very nice. Whitepaper very well done, congratulations. All the information is very clear.
Raphael...Good Project!
Sharmin...You explain very clearly. Can you do a video about new ICOs too? I'm interested specifically in
fabio p...Vem pra lunes vc tambem vem
Flavio ...To the moon
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