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Assetto Corsa Ultimate Edition Launch Trailer

Assetto Corsa Ultimate Edition is available now on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. MotoGamesTVAssetto Corsa Ultimate Edition Launch Trailer

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Shorty... PC too? Steam? When?
David H... Yeah very nice ?
PANDERP... Still not playable with controller?
FalconG... 0:38 looks like Driveclub
Jeffrey... Not on PC?
Manu Fe... Hope the Mazda 787b comes back to gran turismo sport if it does the only problem is adding a car class like gr c but not gr x
khaled_... Don’t believe them
Boring game
Buy GR sport
Noss Nj... No ps4 pro xbox one x patch
argedis... Not available at gamestop,
Peter M... I don't understand why console player crying out over AC. They got all the features and items fairly quick, compare to the PC version. Most of us bought AC on day one. Look it up, how long did we wait, until the game was complete, yet we were happy during the whole time, how great game we have. Kunos gave all they got and never let players down. Not like most of the developers of other racing games. The most important, even they suffered to release some updates or fixes, but they are/were always honest.
Ava His... One of the best racing games ever!
Normala... PSA to buyers, the console version does not include the Trento-Bondone hillclimb course.
Aceofsq... Welp gotta get my wallet
Oldmirr... This game ended too BMW M6 GT3, Bathurst, Susuka, La Sarthe..? console players like me..
McLaren... Probably the most playable and enjoyable sim with a controller, I have to control the car using only my eyesight but it's very rewarding when I'm able to feel the car without actually feeling the car
?Mucist... The logo of assetto corsa looks like a mobile racing game. They have to modify it a bit.
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