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They Are Billions Frozen Highlands FINAL WAVE Part 10

Welcome to They Are Billions Gameplay! Were playing They Are Billions with the latest update (April 2018), which adds the inn building. The map is Frozen Highlands. They Are Billions is a real time strategy game in a steampunk setting, where you build your colony and defend it against the infected. In this episode, I fight the final wave of this playthrough! They Are Billions Frozen Highlands Playlist They Are Billions on Steam They Are Billions Official Website Subscribe for daily videos! Support me on Patreon! Join my Discord server to chat! Follow me on Twitter Follow me on Twitch Billions Frozen Highlands FINAL

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Handle ... Well that was unexpected. Fair enough - just promise next time not to build the Inn - it even screwed you when you deleted it :). Looking forward to the campaign release of the game
PurpleR... Bravo, Bravo!! <3
DerWund... 3:43 That's a fantastic sniper conga line right there
JacekUW... Really enjoyed it!
Cure... Desolated Wasteland next? :D
komando... Great series. Nice defense. Waiting for more ;)
lin ko... Frostpunk was set in the higher northern latitudes, where it was too cold for zombies.. go see the new vid on marbs channel
crc car... GG!!!!! that was a great series!
Mega Mo... Great series and very well played. Shame the inn was such a waste; hopefully its functionality will improve with the next release of the game.
Jamie B... Didn't seem like billions at all...more like thousands in the final count. It took Marbs 10 parts to kill 30 thousand zombies (approx. 5 hours); but if it were truly billions, say, for example just 2 billion it would take 666,660 parts (approx. 38 years) to kill all 2 billion zombies.
Deluded... 26:15 - 26:25 They are trying to break moves to show a solitary zombie striking a stone wall....and a remnant of one no less, the rest of the wall was already gone!
Timothy... Alright! Good job of troop management at the end! Honestly, coming into this episode, I didn't think you stood a chance; but you pulled off a win. I'm impressed. Regarding the inn: I totally agree that the inn isn't worth building, but demolishing it just before the final wave came through probably wasn't the best idea. You immediately lost 140 gold per shift and 100 workers. Fortunately, you wound up with enough resources to keep placing walls when you needed to.
Elsky T... GG man, gg!
SKErwin... No 4th map without pause still?
Milambe... Nicely Done As Expected :)
agkou34... "this looks mostly okay..ish.. maybe" xD
Constan... Congrats on your glorious victory.
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